Lost data/chars/items

Greetings … and sorry my first post is one begging for help :frowning:

I will give a run through step by step of the chain of events

  1. Downloaded game.
  2. Purchased a vanity pack/extra slots and a pet.
  3. Took tablet to work where there is no internet connection.
  4. Played for a couple of weeks.
  5. Brought tablet home last night.
  6. Uploaded game data.
  7. Took tablet back to work this morning.
  8. Playing today at work, and tablet run out of charge :frowning:
  9. Put tablet on charge, started game, to find everything lost :frowning: (you cannot believe how happy I was thinking I had backed it all up only last night)
  10. Brought tablet back home tonight, logged into DQ Account to see 1 character, and the other 2 slots filled with ???
  11. I tried a restore purchase, which gave me back the vanity pack and slots, but no pet (pet was stored in stash)
  12. All 4 stash are missing, along with everything in them. Its showing that they have to be bought again. (I even bought them again, hoping that magically the items returned, but no :frowning: )
  13. LegendEx is showing all the legendary items I have found but they were in my stash, so they too are missing.

So my begging for help starts here …

Is there a way to restore the saved game data, from whats on my tablet ? These past few weeks while playing at work, I have turned tablet off and on, it has lost charge (not while playing DQ), and every time the data has been there, so it has to be somewhere on the tablet right ? hidden away in a folder ?

Where will that folder be ?
Whats the name of the saved data file ?
and what do I do with it ?

Any help you could possibly offer, will be greatly appreciated.

Oh and another thing … Im a 40-something guy, who grew up with loading games from cassette in to a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K, or plugging in cartridges into an Atari 2600, so please make it easy for me by not being too technical :wink:

Many many thanks in advance <3

Hey JesteR, I looked at your Account and sadly your stash and extra slots didn’t make it in your last upload somehow. Remember anything weird with your last upload?

However, you did such a great job explaining your issue that I was able to put your account back together as described (as best I could). Feel free to download and test it out, and let me know if I missed anything!

As it was my first and only upload, I had no reference to what is weird or not.

All I can say, is thank you, a million times over, for the uber fast response, and for the work done in restoring what you could of my account … mucho love and respect <3

Added to life’s list of things learnt the hard way

  1. Upload more regular
  2. Never trust a works ancient computer’s USB port to charge your tablet