Lost data

Gud am. I was plauing dq then my phone batt drained, when i turned it on, i lost all data. Its like i just installed the game. My wiz is already at lvl 98 going fpr 4rth ascension. My warrior is at lv 96, and lv 84 rogue, both have 2 ascensions. My last dq uplaod was lv84 wiz. Please help if o can restore my data.


This could be a data loss because the battery on your phone was out of power and the game did not have time enough to save the game data.

While I cannot restore that lost data I will try to help on my end.

What is the email address you use with the DQ Account system?

I have crystalline sword with crystal affix, 50% dmg mythstone. Eternalized affix eternal headgear with 30% item drop and 30% exp. Eternal orb. Lost some of the items i got from farming ( i think i was already on floor 540+) i can farm for the items but at least if i can the level back (spent hours on the phone to farm/lvl up while wife nagging) and some of the crystals (obsidian, etc.) and mythstones (elixor, zenith etc.)

I can restore levels I cannot restore items. Since our game randomly generates items I cannot make one with a set amount of talents/affixes.

Thats ok. If my level and floor can be returned, at least i can farm for my items again.

if someone can put in a word to the developer, may be an autoupload on/off option whenever logging out/leaving the game. Or when connecting online (for dungeon and quests) that the data are stored online, whenever connected to the internet at least

Yeah, we agree! We actually tried that at one point but since a lot of users are out side of the USA they don’t have unlimited cell phone data so it was using a ton of data that was costing them money.

I will take care of your save game stuff now and send you a message when it is fixed up.

Thanks for playing!

Ok, just made an upload for you from my end.

Start DQ
Press the DQ Account button on the main menu
Press the Download button.

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