Lost eternal item from chest

I lost anouther eternal itemfrom my chest. This time it was different . The chest was in my inventory . I opened the chest seen item on the list but it wasnt in my bag.

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Haven’t seen that one on my end yet. It listed it as an Eternal Item x 1 on the chest read out?

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Yes it did tdaniel.

It just happened again . another empty eternal chest. After saying i won an item it wasnt in my bags. This makes two eternal pieces missing :disappointed:

This has happened to me twice also. Very frustrating.

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I spent some time yesterday opening eternal chests trying to get this bug to happen and I cannot reproduce this issue.

here is what I think is happening:

When a player opens an eternal chest they see an item icon and a number next to it. The player goes to find that eternal item in their bag but cannot locate it. After talking with a few players via support@ emails I found that the players actually did get the item, they just expected it to be an eternal version of that item.

Eternal chests do not guarantee eternal items. Yes, you can find eternal items in those chests, but each item that is produced is not 100% an eternal version. When I explained it that way to one of the players I was helping over email they replied that they thought the eternal chest made eternal items.

Does that clear it up, or am I still not seeing the bug on my end?

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Yeah thats what happened to me. I thought an eternal chest guarantees an eternal item?

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Me to @Indy … I realized the second time it happened I received a legendary trophy.

Luck affects chests. It’s been recommended in the forum to open chests with a toon that has high luck.