Hi Sir/Ma’am! I have a game problem about my wizard hero. My 3 weapons is been disappeared and I dont know want happen. It start when i use to change its element. I became white with unknown stats thats why i restart my DQ and then this is what happen. Please help me recover my items because it is a legend items at lvl 100 :’(

Hey! Just contact our support please. I am sure, they are able to help you:

Okay thanks. Hope that i can recover my items

I think instead of using calcite, you used quartz.

If its originally a legend item its not possible but if that staff came from below legend. Its certainly possible that qurtz did it.
But they’re already reports in the past about this. Their items stat vanishing.

I have had the same thing occur to me the last two days in a row. I die, try to restart the level and as soon as I do my beautiful MH weapon is turned into a stick.

I’ve reported it through the support email but I’m posting here too in case it helps with debugging.

Do we really need to stop playing entirely until we get serviced? I know in the issues thread it says not to upload unless asked if we have a problem.