Lost my mana patch 1.63

Just updated and started playing with my warrior and I lost all my mana, the slot for the bar is there but it is not filling up. Also when I cast magic spell it uses my HP. Is there anything I can do?

Check your equipped items. You have an item on that has “blood magic”. This is not a big, if you remove that item your hp/mp will split

Thanks from a noob

Not at all, you are welcome! Thank you for asking first before going directly to App Store and giving us a 1 star :smile:

We don’t do a great job with tutorial stuff right now, but we will make that better as well!

It is all good. I am just use to the old system of doing things. I a still getting use to the new natures and affixes along with the crystals and mythstones But the game is great, currently one of my favorites.