Lost my progress and paid character slots

I just recently upgraded from a Galaxy S to a Galaxy S4. I reinstalled Dungeon Quest back on to my new phone. Once I started it up, I didn’t have my level 32 wizard anymore or the two extra character slots anymore. I also paid to have the ads gone and they are also back.

Please let me know how you guys are going to remedy this situation.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks, justinkrebs1972@gmail.com is my google email I used when I purchased all the items.
Justin K.

Awesome phone…not so awesome about how we handle account transfers currently though.

Right now we are working on an account system that will allow you to store your character and game status on a server and then retrieve that progress from any device you log into.

While this does not solve your problem right now it will allow you to transfer that character as soon as we can get that system done.

So essentially you are playing a “brand new game” since your new phone doesn’t have any concept of your old game. I can go ahead and get you refunded for the character slots and then if you choose, you can purchase them again and play on your new phone.

If you want to wait until our Account system patch comes out and then upload your save game at that time you can do that as well.

I will send you and email with this same info and you can let me know how you would like us to handle it from there.

Thank you very much for playing, and we are sorry you cannot transfer your save game…yet!

Sorry for the late reply could you please send the info back to my email again, I think my email put it in the junk mail and it is scheduled to clean up so many days. I looked in my email and I don’t see it. Thank you. :smile:

I sent you an email follow up with the info for both transactions. If you don’t get that one let me know!


I had a lvl 63 warrior paid for an additional player slot, and spent over 15$ on gold. My progress has been erased. I want my player back. If this is not possible at the moment, then a refund will be sufficient until my player can be restored. This is the 3rd time progress has been erased but the only time that it happened when I made in app purchases. Please email me ASAP with a solution .
Thank you

Hello mike,

Sorry I did not realize that you put a message on the Forum as well. I believe all this got taken care of the other day via the Google Play user comments. I refunded all the purchases that you had on your account.
If you need anything else just hit me up again at our support email address or here on the forums.

Thanks again, and sorry for your character save loss!