Lost Progress

Hi all, I’ve been playing and enjoying this game a lot but today something really bad happened. I played some arena games and got to legend league then I got out of the game. When I got back in my save file was gone, i spent a lot of time getting my legendary items and now they are gone. I had an uploaded save file on your server but it wasn’t updated in weeks, now I lost all interest in continue playing it because I lost all my good items. Can’t you guys check my account? I was always online when I played. Now I can’t play legend arena because my items are too poor and I would get completely destroyed. I also sent an email to support, I will also upload a picture of my items that I lost.

This is my email on case you guys need it. [email removed]

Hey! The best would be to wait for the reply of the support. I am sure, they will help you as soon as they can.

Thanks for the reply, I really hope they can restore it. Too much time invested on it to just start all over