Lots of DUST

I have a lot of hard earned, rarely used dust.
What is the best way to use this stuff?
I’m guessing I have more than most, so perhaps my strategy would be different?

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Dust was introduced into DQ with Patch 3.0. before that, you had to farm for whichever Legend/Eternal Item you wanted for your Build.

here are some uses for Dust.

  1. use Dust to buy Legend or Eternal Item(s) needed for a Build.
  2. use Dust to buy Legend or Eternal Item(s) until you have one with a Crystal affix that you want for a Build. (best if used with a Farm Build that has increased Crystal affix chance)
  3. use Dust to buy Legend or Eternal Item(s) and then convert them to Rare & Ultra Rare Crystals. make sure you have lots of Gold when doing this. best done with a Farm Build on floor 500.
  4. same as 3, but using Items with 4 Sockets, make them into Mythic Items and Convert them into Myth Stones.

there might be other reasons, but I think those are the top 4.

for players who have their Perfect Builds and aren’t interested in experimenting on other Builds, Dust doesn’t mean anything.

for players who like experimenting with Crafting/Improving Builds, or Crafting new PVP Builds as the Battle Arena Meta changes, using Dust would be a good option to just farming.

great question!

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