Love this game, but

Sorry, can’t stand quiet about this. This proc, mythic sets and stuff are really ruining the game cause it reachs a point on battle arena that if you wanna actually have any chance to win, you need to use the exact same proc’s and skills that everyone else is using. And that’s messed up! It’s like, a rogue using wizard skills, warriors doing the same, then wizards using rogue and warrior skills. It’s annoying. Instead of actual gameplay all i see is 100 thousand skills being spammed on my screen, where’s the fun? And what about people cheating and hacking? Let’s take a look at the top players on highest floor. Floor 2billion+? Really bro? The game creators will really accept this? Don’t get me wrong, i love this game, but some things need to change.


Tje battle arene part is just not true, you cand find so mutch variety in it! :triumph:, the prof of that is my playstyle, i dont make a build thinking about AI setting, i make my PvP build’s very enjoyable to play, i’m thinking ahead, when DQ2 comes, O BOY , i feel like alot people will have troubles on PvP, i use bleed as my main source of DMG since season 1, nobody in hes perfect mind will use that in this meta, if you play this game as long as i, you will understand that one immortal is not = to the other, settings are put very differently by players, same for other tipes of builds, if you go to arene rules, dont say that is ilegal to copy other players our to use just your skills class, get good at the game and you will see how rong you are!
You just get a really bad match up, it hapens some times dont worry! :upside_down_face:, is true that immortals builds are raising up :expressionless:, for new players must suck to play vs that cancer but trust me, if you know how to BEAT them, gg ez!!, for me is just like that, i dont go for ranked no more, i use battle arene to farm chest, thats all, i go to mythic div2, lose intentionally to get there and go all the way up to eternal div1 and do all over again :slightly_smiling_face:!
What league and division are you?
I go there and see whats up ok?


Yeah i agree a great game but im saddened for a poor system.a game upside down,legits in banned league and cheaters in legits league.adding the fact that most build needs a lot of resources to create.,i believe a certain top pvpiers must be also a though farmers.,hows ur resources in crafting?@zomboy what are ur rank at lf leaderboards sir?


I’m on Eternal league, division 3. It’s like… If i put my build with proc’s, mythic stuff, overpowered crystal items, etc… It will end the fun for me, losing or winning. But it seems that there’s no other option.

@YVRA_07.PH check out my very low pvp guide :smile:

I still have warrior whid 4k legends found and rogue whid 2k.

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Wow.,well thats what i call a farmer.,nice. seems theres a pvpier thats a grinder as well.coz there are some players ive seen boasting thier resources but not even in top 100 of leaderboards​:joy::laughing::joy: where the heck they’d gettin thier lots of resources then​:fearful::fearful::fearful:

@dikwad,.where can i see ur pvp profile sir,?maybe i can vsit it some other time coz i hav no intensions of comin back to arena until i get my account back to the legit league.ive been put to banned due to uploading my lf progress too often as they say.a little downey here ha ha😅

Trying to catch up…

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@YVRA_07.PH getting resources easily. Put plenty of luck and gold find on stuff when starting. You will drop legends and eternals. Convert legends to dust using your gold drops. Convert any eternal into an ultra rare crystal. I get lots of obsidians etc. Convert all dust into eternals and gamble

3 Likes pvp profile at end of this video where I get slaughtered


Yup i agree @dickwad.,at Pinoy Dungeon Quest and Elitte Dungeon,if any new member asking on how to craft builds and go on battle arena.,our first suggestion is go on farming first coz crafting builds are too costy in resources.,

so we build up farming build to help us in grinding resources.btw thats the adventure link stats of my farming build

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this the lf leaderboards rank 2 stats.8/10 topranks at lf leaderboards are PDQ and ELITE group.5 and 6 are just the slot that are not a member of PDQ and ELITE

When is DQ2 coming out?

I dont know :roll_eyes:

No assurance yet as far as i know.and many dq players are hoping for its quick release.hoping it has a better system than present.thats is if im still in dq community.,goodluck guys.,.,

If you remove all these you will have a blank screen game, LOL