Low hp problem

I have downloaded patch 1.9 beta. I use crown with blood magic and play as wizard lvl 99. When I try to use Meteor or Skulldraga “low HP” appears and magic can’t working. Please fix it, the game is unplayable!

The hp & mp formulaes changed a bit, are you sure you have enough hp to cast skills right now?

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I used it at max HP!

How much total HP do you have at the moment?
How much HP is required by Skulldraga and Meteor? (tap on your weapons and look closely.)

Let’s just presume that your weapons’ HP cost is greater than your total HP until you come up with screenshots. Which, in turn, means that you don’t know how blood magic works.

Please answer these questions with numbers, as

such statements are retarded and does not help in any way.

Dude i play wizard as well. in beta 1.9 my damage reduced by almost 60% and my hp drop almost 50%. yet i still able to deal billion damage and having no problem casting skill. im using blood magic too… but really i have no problem with that… i feel it more balance. this beta teach me how to use my regen properly than just focus on damage and have 1% leech lol… if u use Blood magic + empower. then u must also stack ur MP and use cosmic power. jasper cross class item with set affix spell sword if u dont have enough amethyst to get that set affix. spell sword also boost your mp. stack as much as u can into mp and turn into HP with blood magic. even with 20 empower (+50% power, -50% max hp) u still have ALOT hp and still can spam ur skill.

I don’t understand it! I have the skills and I can’t use it! There is no fun for me. Here is a screenshot: prikachi.com/images.php?images/102/8313102X.png

ur max hp are TOOOOOOOOO low. u see ur hp is 11k and your meteor skill cost 18k hp… its over your max hp. that why i tell u that u will need to stack some +MP to boost your max hp…

But that meteor cost 18k hp. lol is it normal.? i mean is it just double cost. i think it just too much hp consume…

Ibdont have problems with healt i have 3 million hp xD

Well that confirms it. You don’t have enough HP…

You can’t expect to pay anything with something insufficient now, can you?

Not sure if it’s normal but when there is a same proc skill of that weapon, the weapon cost doubles. On top of Blood Magic (3x), the cost will be 6x! Not good right?


It seems working fine for me. Which skills are you using?

I think it’s a display bug for OH Primary it is right but MH special it exceends a bit. For me I use Whirlwind For warrior it display for use 16k+ But I after usage I only use 8k.

For Whirlwind for use I have 3900MP with on the offence stat page It says Skill Cost 16.1k
That’s 4.13 more than the initial

When I use i’s 8073 was lose on HP it’s halved 2.07 more only

I don’t have any resource cost related affix.

It’s more accurate on OH primary though
MP for sprint is 1040mp
Display on Offence page 4160 that is exactly 4x more
When I use 2080 was lost on my HP exactly 2x more for casting

I’ll post screenshots later. ^^[/quote]
This was posted on reported bugs. It might help. I didn’t have any procs. I can’t test it for wiz as I don’t have a bloodmagic affix on my wiz. :<