Luck cap on random maps

Since 1.5 the luck is capped at 650‰
But what about the random maps that got a reward of over 650‰?
Is the luck rate while opening the rewards chest still capped at 650?

i am not quite sure, but it seems that it is 650% cap on gear, and the random map bonus is applied on top of it. i might be wrong though.

I think you’re right. Maybe someone could confirm this.

I recall reading previously that the extra Luck and Item Drops only apply to the reward chest at the end.

I can confirm that it applies to the bonus chest and my guess is, that it applies to magic and rare enemies too. I dont know about normal enemies though. It also affects the imps special ability i think (it feels like that, see picture). But does the luck affect reroll and enchanting? Could someone confirm that?

Got that item from imp on a cartographer map

It doesn’t apply to Enchanting and stuff. It only counts for the Cartographer Chest, nothing else. Not even for the Magic Enemies etc. You’d have a lootsplosion every time after killing a >magic enemy on a high Luck/Item Quantity Map. So only for the Cartographer Chest guys, you can prove this to yourself by killing the cartographer and open the chest on a high Luck/Item Quantity map.

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The only problem is that I don’t remember the values, I saw them somewhere few weeks ago, but can’t remember when… basically it was something like this :

  • 150% luck : 0,1% chance to get an epic affix by roll
  • 650% luck : 1% chance to get an epic affix by roll

These values are randoms! I don’t remember them but yeah your luck does affect the quality of your rolls! (but in 1.5 only! at 1.6 it’ll be based on the “quality” of your items)