Luck & Epiphany and Eternalized Mechanics - Questions for my Pet Hunt

Ok guys, so I want to maximize the chance of getting eternal pets, because so far I have none :rage: .

That means getting pet hunt equipment especially designed for this. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but these are my ideas about how things work/what I should do:

  1. Hunt on Floor 2 with Monster Spawn (why not 1? Enslavers don’t spawn there?).
  2. Maxing Movement Speed to 50% + Adventurer for running fast/getting out of trap while teleporting.
  3. Maxing Reduced Cooldown to 55% or even 60%, for fast teleporting.
  4. Using Taunt as OH Skill for pulling the Enslaver in and killing him fast.
  5. Adding some Pickup Radius.
  6. Using Level 2 Maps adds the Map Luck, so that’s better.
  7. Damage is not an issue.
  8. Nadroji is useless with respect to that.

So my main questions are:

  1. So of course I’m using Epiphany and Eternalized (currently at 5-5). Both 4 Gear Slots for the Set Affices are the same. How does Luck and Chance for Eternal Item work together? Or else: Should I go for 7-5, 6-6 or 5-7 Epiphany-Eternalized, what maximizes my chance to find an eternal pet as a total?
  2. Can I increase Luck Cap further somehow? Fortune doesn’t go on top of cap right?
  3. Is there anything I forgot so far?

Currently it takes me 10-25 seconds to find the Enslaver, is that too slow or normal (about 3 Enslavers per minute)?

Thanks for your help, Mid :kissing_heart:

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Throw knights charge in on your Jason hand you will probably like it alot :slight_smile:

Nl1. Enslavers only start spawning from floor 2+ . You need monster boost to spawn them at floor 2 to 20 though but floor 20+ onwards, enslavers spawn naturally and by monster boost. Enslavers don’t spawn at all on floor 1 as it’s tutorial floor.

  1. Maximising move speed is optional but that’s for speed reason and if using momentum,
  2. That’s also fine.
    4.optional. I use aftermath which is equally as good but it doesn’t matter.
  3. No brainier.
  4. True but not that much . Floor 2 is better than the actual maps sometimes but that depends.
    7.insta kills speeds up chances for legend pets (I got like 3 legend pets quickly that way).
    8.Nadroji is useless for legend pets find. What’s better is 1012% , epiphany, eternalized (6) or (5).

I use fortune Bringer for legend pets to find in floor 2 often. Charge from lance or battle mage and shatter is the fast way to get enslavers. I get to him in 10-30 seconds. That’s normal 3 enslavers per minute or more is fast.

Recommended for general farm build is epiphany (5), crystalline (5), eternalized (5) or (6) and rest up to you. If It’s pure enslaver hunt build which is a bit extreme imo, you can have much more epiphany and eternalized. Still, I get so many pets and possibly eternal pets occasionally. The eternal pets seem to drop every 300 killed enslavers or 400 if you have eternalized (5) or (6) with 1012% luck.

Also , enslavers seemingly have higher chance for high rarity at very high floors and even without trying to get enslavers, floor climbing can get you so many enslaver.
To increase luck cap further, fortune doesn’t do that but more epiphany does. Btw you need epiphany on both characters for higher chances of high Luck. Treasured Ascension also is accounted.

Thx for the tips. I have a question. Do you know if both the Main & the Hireling need the Luck Ascension? I think it’s called Treasured but I’m not 100% sure.

Only my main has all the Ascensions. My other toons only have Dealer.

Should I do Luck Ascensions on Hireling to help find more & better Eternal Pets?

I get annoyed bc slime pets drop so often. I wish I had played more in the old days when ppl finished fhe Pet Feat & knew they’d at least get a Legend pet with a standard ability & set affix. Now I feel like I mostly get slime pet with elements & affixes I don’t use in any builds. My last eternal was Eternal Boost Shock Slime Pet with affixes for summoner wizard. Booo! Lol

:sunglasses: Anna

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  1. By luck ascension, do you really mean fortunate? For that extra 200% luck from that ascension, it only needs to be on one character as the 200% luck goes over cap and isn’t accounted for the averaging formula. You get 812% as capped luck when using epiphany (5) on 2 character and with fortunate , it turns into 1012% luck. Only your main needs every ascension and hirling can have dealer so you’re correct. Also, treasured perk only needs to be on main and it’s the one that increases 300% perk for eternal legends and crystal legends.

  2. I feel ya lol. You keep getting pets even if it’s slimes. If you do get loads of legend pets, that’s a good sign regardless. Just keep on farming as hard as possible until you find a legend let you can finally want.

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Cool thx. Fingers crossed I’ll get my eternal pathfinder & cosmic dogs!!

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Awesome. Good luck with that as I’m trying to do the same (too many cosmic power, not enough pathfinder). My build might as well be ready though because I like how Arcanist can combine it you use hirling for insane DPS . I mean I already reached quintillion damage with ease from frozen, I hope I get more of that, even with the better pets.

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Yea I’m the trying to get cosmic dog for my Arcanist build. 2 pets I’ve never got are Cosmic & Momentum. I’ll totally post the dog when I get it!

I used to be farming pet at Floor 200 M3, now I also farm some at Floor 2 M3. I think u had a good idea to farm Floor 2 to get low level eternal gears bc they still convert to high level crystal like Obsidians. I got like 3 Obsidians so thx!

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Aight, thanks so far @Gummy and @CuzegSpiked :slight_smile:!

Still no answer to the Eternalized-Luck Mechanic. So I tend to go for 5-7 Epiphany-Eternalized, but that’s just a gut shot…

Any ideas?

Go ahead with your decision if you feel it’s right. Luck and eternalized. Luck increases rarity and quality of items so with maximum luck, you have a high chance of dropping many legends along with item drops. Eternalized increases the chance for legends dropped to turn into eternal legends (including pets this is).

Floor 200 drops many legends at high packsize and magic enemies % on maps (enough to fill one bag sometimes) per map. If I play long enough, I’m bound to get many eternals given enough time (I get 20 sometimes in a day and some crystal legends along the mix with crystalline. Also this accounts for treasured perk as that gives a huge bonus to find eternals and crystal legends). 1012% Luck and 350% item drops along with epiphany (5) on main and hirling ,eternalized and crystalline on main, all ascension perks such as fortunate and treasured on main character. Also fast floor clear time.

If monster boost though, I spam a familiar floor like floor 2 to get as many enslavers possible within 5 min (usually 20 enslavers in 5 mins monster boost from ad or feat).