Luck....I'm curious about it

Ok here’s what I’d like to know…everything about it lol just kidding but seriously. What EXACTLY does luck do. I keep reading that it incresses rarity but HOW. I HAVE 600% luck so what does that DO? I know item drop% ONLY affects ms/cs or at least that’s all I’ve been reading feel free to corect me. So give me your thoughts on what the coveted luck skill does and the mechanics behind it

inc ur luck - inc %chance of getting higher rarity of items(gears, crystal, myth,pet)
if u use fauns gift affix (luck greatly inc ur hp and resist)

droprate% - inc number of items drop from monsters (gears,crystal, myth)

correct me if im wrong though

I’ve read on some thread that +Luck% doesn’t affect CS and MS rarity but floor levels can.

Can someone else confirm please?

Item drop affects the number of drops from breakables and enemies. The reason it affects cs/ms is with more drops comes more chances for cs/ms to drop.

Luck does not affect cs/ms whatsoever. Luck affects the chance an item that drops will be a better item (magic thru eternal), it’s quality (up to 125%, 150% for eternal) and ilevel (up to level 100).

The only way to affect what cs/ms drop is to play on higher floors. For every 100 floor cs/ms rarity increases by 1 up to floor 500. So instead of the worst cs that can drop on floor 500+ being Angelite, it’s instead larimar. This also affect the opposite end of the range by giving better likelihood of obsidian dropping on floor 500+ than on floor below it.


i also have a theory:
right before a myth or crystal explosion happens, you should open a red map, and equip mythical or crystalline sets
when you plan to salvage convert, open an eternal map, and make sure you have the accomplished perk

i dunno if both are true, just a theory.

I do the change to legendary map (Floor 500+) when the CS and MS feat is about to be achieved. Works! :grin:

About the salvage and convert, I think it doesn’t have effect on the resulting CS/MS since it is already known that it is -1/+1 of the CS/MS level at hand.
EDIT: If you mean the feat about convert/salvage, not sure if it will affect the rarity of the drop. :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep reading that but what’s the formula for it. I mean I have 650% luck what’s the math behind the incress. How muck luck makes a rareity incress. Like if I had 1000% are all drops going to be legands?

I can’t say I’ve ever read a formula per se, although there has been mention of how Nadroji, Eternalize and Crystalline affect drops. It would be best if a moderator or @SteigerBox could confirm, but I believe there are set percentages for item quality (magic to legend) when an item drops, which are then affected by the above set affixes as well as the ascension perk related to rare drops, as well as map affixes. I believe it would be after these calculations that luck would play a factor in having a chance to raise the quality. Assuming this is accurate, it seems reasonable to assume luck of say 800% would give an 8% chance to improve the dropped item, as other similar affixes like crystalline works this way (if I correctly understood previous mentions of those set affix stat values impact). Someone please correct me if this is wrong :slight_smile:

I can say that with 150% item drop and 650% luck I’m geting mostly rare with more legands then before also about 1.5-2 mil luck per map because the MASSIVE drop incress :slight_smile: thank you for that I added the item drop incress. I’m going to tweak some more to make drop rate to 200%

This helped SO much thanks :smiley:

@Zombikiss w/ ephipany rank 5 and fortunate perk u can even pump it more.
heres the stat and can even go higher if u open legend/eternal map and luck/more items shrines

I’m nowhere geting epfinay items though

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I heard Luck increases the chances of getting max of affixes.Is it true?

@Epicskunk max roll on affixes improve base on item lvl and item quality using flourite on epic below affixes diamond on legend and crystal affixes

@roykiyoy I do have 25% quality and 100 lvl on them,but I usually get really bad affix values.The best I could get was this (I added the procs AFTER using Diamond several times) :

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I’ve been wondering about that part where kev said he opens a legendary(red) map involved with converting/salvaging. Do you know for sure these are affected by luck and map luck? Also I have only had 2 eternal maps my highest floor is in the high 1200s and stop pushing those a little bit ago just farming easier smaller ones. I always roll with eternal/crystalized and I often do save leg. Maps for crystal explosions mythic boss what ever. I really think im some how missing a step on this game when it comes to leg/eternal pets/maps. I’ve only found 1 pett and the stats were so bad I almost quit the game because of how long I’ve been searching for one and then finding something so god awful