Luck issue?u

Im on lvl 80 3x awaken, farming at lvl 400ish mystic 3, but i am still not able to get the vacuus scipio bow,

things to look into:
how much luck you have?
do you have nadroji set?
how much item drop you have?

and what do you mean by 3x awaken?

I have 2 nadroji equipped, i have most Legends in eternals, but not a red bow. Wtf right?

Well you should have 1012% Luck and 300% item drop with 100% enemy rarity.
If you have those already. You just might be not lucky = (

@f00kee i think he means 3rd ascension. and @420 if you could max your luck,goldfind and item drops that might help. If you’re still not getting it after some time, try hunting for an item w/epiphany so you could further your stats

How did you get a crystal affix on that Eternal item? 0_0

They spawn like that. They’re extremely rare.

Drop chance of Eternal Crystal Legends is… ≠0%? :grinning: RNG is really crazy. Got an Amethyst before even a single Beryl. @420 might just be unlucky with that single Legend. Best of luck.

The base chance to find a Crystal/Eternal legend is 1%. I can’t remember what that combined is because I’m too bad at remembering things to remember the math, but it’s low.

1%*1% = .01*.01 = .0001 = .01%

That’s one in ten thousand.

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Even though your looking for vacuus scipio (primarily 100 wd% right?) @420 , there are other weapon choices you can look for with wd% and some possibly even better than vacuss scipio as well as easier to get.

Notable examples: berskers axe, masochist axe, epiphany guantlet for eg,
yes it requires you to be on higher difficulty and floor but ultimately they are much easier than vacuus scipio and helps alot in the long run.

Hope this helps :blush:

so this is why i never get that item (and other “defiant” item) but can easily get berserker, masochist, & epiphany :sweat: i even already get seven deadly sin, but seriously, what is the rarity of those item that has “defiant”, oh and “nadroji” too compared to the new berserker, masochist, & epiphany?

I just finish building a wizard to help farm for items, lets see now about that bow

The defiant and nadroji items go in the ultra rare legends category (found from powerful enemies category).

Have a look at this useful guide:

This guide will help you get rare legend so much easier. I already got far too many nadrojis and some other rare legends. I even got eternal versions of nearly all Nadroji gears.

I also got a crystal insolence and some other insolence and mutiny as well as eternal ragnarok and some vacuus scipio (not bow though). I got nearly 2 premium stash full of rare legends and most of them I haven’t used.

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