Luck? Quantity?



Max luck? Is it worth to invest? What is the true purpose of luck?

Same as item quantity?.


In getting resources yes.,it is very important.,dpends in what you prioritize.,the higher the luck and item quantity and map drops you got in=quantity of lgends drops you get.the more legends items you get, the higher of chance getting an crystal amd eternal legends which eventually source of ultra rare crystal tru conversion.


high Luck on a Farm Build increases chance to get higher rarity loot. (Items, Crystals, and Myth Stones)
high Item Quantity on a Farm Build increases the amount of loot you get. (Items, Gold, Orbs [HP & MP], Crystals, and Myth Stones) picking up more items also increases the rate of finishing some of the Feats. the Gold found and Items found Feats pop up more often.


The cap to luck is 650% by default. With Epiphany set, you can raise it to 812% though. Fortunate ascension perk makes it 200% more luck since it’s above cap so 650% luck shows as 850% luck (200%+ is huge) and 812% shows as 1012% luck.

Is luck worth it? Yes. Its because it increases the rarity of all the gear dropped on the ground which in turn means more chances of legends, more rare gear to sell which means more gold sold: that goes great with Dealer perk which 1000% increases the gold sold or 10x, so if you sold a rare item that was 900 gold, it would sell as 9000 gold with Dealer perk. Best part is that Hirling dealer perk works well too.

Then more legends also means a higher chance of Eternal Drops and Crystal Legend drops even if you didn’t equip Eternalized set, Crystalline set or Treasured perk from ascension. If you do equip those sets though, you will end up dropping many legends and eternals. Farmimg floor 200 quick with max luck, full inventory super fast with legends.
More legends also means you can salvage many for Dust which can be used to craft legends in Codex.

Eternals or crystal legends are great when converted at cost of 500k gold into an ultra rare crystal, usually ranging from Jasper to Obsidian. Topaz and amber sometimes included but rare as they are more common by other means anyway. Legend converting for 250k doesn’t guarantee an ultra rare crystal like Eternals though so comverting legends can sometimes be a good way to gain lots of crystals or lose a lot of gold as well.

Item Quantity is Item drops and this is most important as well as Luck. More items dropped means more legends, higher chances of an eternal being dropped, more general loots, more gold and most importantly, more crystals and mythstones. High item drops is very important for farming floor 500 for ultra rare crystal drops, farming for a huge bunch of gold , mythstones if short on them and finding legends, especially the hard to find legends.

Combine Item Drops with Luck = a lot of legends.
There’s also somethng about how Luck can affect rerolls when you add an affix along with 25% item drops, which probably explains why i get perfect items if i make a build using my farm characters and then transfer it to other character classes or my main character. It seems like just RNG but Luck is in the name, to be lucky.


As of now the maxx stats i saw for luck and gold was 1110/1110% and item drops for 380.,ofcourse its with the contribution of hirelings stats.,


You can get maximum 1012 on luck if you play mythic 3 and follow @curezspiked advice


I noticed that higher Luck increases the frequency of Higher Tier items, up to Epic, and that translates into more gold when selling items. I have been doing well with Luck and Gold Find 850%, but my next project is maxing out my item drop. it is hard making room for 4 Legend item drop affixes, but it occurred to me that my Farm Builds only need to farm up to floor 500 on a regular basis, so I don’t have to panic thinking of a super farm build for floor 10,000!


I agree. Some things unlock at near floor 1000 but it is less hassle to farm up to 500 and convert items to dust then unlock an item that may never come your way normally


Still never dropped an eternal nadroji amulet.


oh yes! when 3.0 came out with Dust, that was so great! I unlocked a few items with Dust, but I ended up becoming a better player when I got serious about playing DQ, and decided to just unlock items by finding them. I have unlocked a few items to see what they look like and do some testing with crafting, but the fun is in finding some monster and getting the loot from them.


I love when you get 3 shrine champions and an enslaver and a cartographer coming at you. Then you spawn a legend and then a mythic enemy… scary lol


@dickwad this was my first post in the Forums:


@dickwad , thats with epiphany (5). The person who had 1110% luck/gold was with Epiphany (8) but Epiphany (5) does take only one slot + fogunate ascension perk so 1012% is still great.


Yup.,im using 8 ephifany to extend it upto 1110%., floor 500 would be a good spot to farm.,but im just staying in floor 150 i dont know im just comfortable there​:grin::grin::grin: maybe it is less in crystal rarity drop.,but i needed low crystals for crafting like diamonds,sapphire,.diamonds specially.for rhe higher crystal rarity i am dpending in crystal,and eternal legend drops.and the gold was much in low floors that just base on my observation though.


Fair enough. I do floor 200 for those reasons like gold, legend drops, low level crystals to collect fast and more. Then floor 500 for the higher tier crystals.


Thank you very much to all.

I was trying to farm legend pet and eternal map / pet have 800 luck still no luck for drop he he I’m on 800 floor.


Just finish your kill enslaver feats. It will surely drop legend pet and if you are lucky it will drop eternal one.


Another question does hireling have epiphany(8), luck and item quantity also affect me? Increase my max luck and item quantity?.


Yes. Having a hireling will help you max your luck, gold find etc.


Yes.,deacreasing ur ephi quantity on gear.,will also deacreased ur luck,gf,itemdrops cap.