Luck vs. Item Drop

So Item Drop is pretty plain and simple, increases drop rate of items. So can I assume Luck then affects the quality of the items dropped? Like, if I have higher Luck higher tiered equips and CS/MS will drop? Or does Luck have a dab in both aspects?

luChK - item quality

Luck will give you higher chance to get rare, epic, legend items.

Item drop will give you higher chance to get more CS/MS, luck have nothing to do with CS/MS :smile:

P/S: The cap of Item Drop is 200% by the way. If you can max this stat, you will double the drop rate of CS/MS. I hope this help :stuck_out_tongue:

If the cap is +200% then presumably it’d be triple the rate? Unless the cap is +100%…?

Are there actually MYTHICAL items?..i saw that on the very first stone you get…the one that changes element…

No, not yet. We have to wait a bit since they will be released :smiley:

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