Hi all is this max what is the cap for luck im at

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Is that with Epiphany (8)?

using a calculator… (650 x 1.4) + 200 = 1110% Luck.

I could be missing something, considering you have an extra 2%.

I cant rember qhat it is haha i do a video i have not played this in many years :sweat_smile: :joy:

Just got my gold find higher


The luck nature could be the reason

Luck Nature is counted as part of Lucks Cap. it could be that Epiphany (8) is a little higher than +35%, but I’ve never checked that out.

I think using 7 Deadly Sins Set could get Luck over Cap, but I’ve never checked that out either.

it’s a mystery!

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Max Gold and Luck for 1012% + Gold find start up screen bonus and a Luck shrine brings them to 1112%.

Depending on how many Epiphany, it can go higher.

Playing around with my gear I achieved this with an item drop shrine.


nice, thanks for the info.

for those who don’t know, when you use a Legend or Eternal Map, they give Luck, Gold Find, and Item Drop over Cap, so it’s best to use these with a Farm Build for the best results. this will be shown on the Adventure Stat Page.


Thanks for info all :grinning: