Lucka items

Can someone Tell me, how many Legends w luck as base stat, are there? And if so, then what r the best

Luck can be found on any Normal to Epic item, and if you don’t find an item with Luck, you can use Crystals to put Luck on the item, Normal, Epic, or Crystal. as far as Legend items, just look in the Legendex in the Codex and see which items have Luck as one of their affixes. if you see an item you like without Luck, just replace one affix with Luck. also, you can find an item with the Luck Nature, or use a Crystal to change an items Nature to Luck. other ways to increase Luck is putting Hero Points into Fortune Skill, finding a Legend item with the Fortune Skill affix, getting the Fortunate Perk, and playing higher difficulty levels.

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Ok, ty (in playing Always on M3

no problem. I play on M3 almost all the time. I only go to lower difficulties if I have some reason to. Luck is usually for some kind of Farming Build, but there is a Set Affix or 2 that uses Luck to increase HP or Armor or something. just look at Sets in the Dictionary of the Codex. Satyrs Spirit or Fauns Gift, one of them.