Lvl reset on hireling

My wiz hireling lvl lvl went from 96 to 1 an I was on a challenge map. So I finished it an backed out. Now I can’t set stat points or even download to my device?

Contact support, they should be able to fix that.

Sure that’s the link? It goes to a website that looks weird. is an email.


Thx. Lolz I just woke up… Feeling kinda stupid. My b day is today an I got drunk af last nite…

Oh I see. Happy birthday. Enjoy the rest of the day :smile:
I know support will help you :smiley:

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Thanks brotha. An question that u may not know. How long does it take for support to get back. An should I stop playing till they get back cuz they May have me download an I’ll lose the progress for what I’m doing now?

I haven’t had any issues with support yet so I can’t comment on it. But as far as feedback from post about is I know they are fast :smile:

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Yea I could play with my rouge as my hireling but I don’t wanna get a eternal an lose it if they have me download… An lose what I gained

They will answer asap.
Their new website is:
So, don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday!

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Thank you Rafia!! Started drinking already. But last nite an today is my only days to do it . been over 6 months since I last drink anything. Set for the rambling

I’m going through DQ withdraws right now… Still haven’t heard from support yet… When can I get my fix. L.Mao!!

Just be patience. I am sure they will answer you soon.

Did u email them? And also did u try the new website?
i tried contacting support before and theyre extremly fast compared to other games support. Maybe theyre sleeping in ur timezone. Hahaha.

Lolz rafia. Yea I know. An the other dude . I’m just a time zone away lol. There in mountain time an I’m in central.

Thank you to support!!!