Lvl up

Hi, I’m playing a lot campaign with 2 heroes and when I lvls up, I can’t up any stat else than mana. Health and power don’t work on both characters.
One of them is using HP as ressources.

When I switch to solo, the problem seems solved but as soon as I get back to duo, I loose the points given in solo

I suppose you didn’t get any perk on one of those characters after patch 3.0, did you?

I don’t know. I created this account long ago and started playing back a few months ago only.
What kind of perk should it be?

Ascension, I mean. I got this bug when I updated to patch 3.0, but it was automatically solved when I did another ascension.

email me ( or DM me with your dq account email address.

I can fix this for you on my end, and this issue will be fixed with our next update patch as well.