Maelstrom Build

i got maelstrom slicer luckily… anybody can help me build this… just specify the color of affixes for me so that it will be easy for me to build it with the proper affixes… Hope u guys read this… thanks in advance…

Basics for any damaging build:
Must have crystal affixes (usually): 45% crit chance and 255% crit chance (goes well with rage set affix). For high floors, I recommend 30% crushing blow crystal affix.

Some other crystal affix you could consider are 45% block and 30% dodge. Another affix depending on the build are 30% deadly strike if need be.

Set affix: Your obviously using malestrom as one of your set affixes. Rage is one of another set affixes which is helpful for maxing crit damage without taking up many valuable crystal affix slots.
Suggestions: Mayhem might be a good mix for a proc malestrom build . Then it is up to you from here.

Natures: if it’s an elemental build: I definitely suggest of elements as a nature from beryl crystal.

Ed% is a must have for high dmg for elemental builds.

Wd% is very good for any build and can drastically increase base dmg which cqn make your build drastically better.

Anyway you can also try ignore resist for maximum potential and some procs you could use .

Tnx a lot… :wink:

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Your welcome :smile:

Btw, what about the legend affixes since i cant get those 100% ED/WD when using ruby… is elem crit damage also good??

How about ascendent since its elemental… is it good too??

100% WD and 100% ED cannot be got from ruby.

You can only get them on berserkers axe, mutiny, hand of epiphany, ragnarok, etc.

However 100% elemental crit dmg can be gotten from ruby. Thie appears as blight, blistering, high voltage, frostbiting and celestial. On ruby, this appears as elemncrit as an option. This will take quite a bit of rubys though.

Ascendant is a good idea and it goes good with amplify talent. There are other ideas though for what your build could be.

So blight,blistering,etc. is optional??

Yes it’s optional from ruby but it is very powerful and not something you would want to miss in any elemental build. Elemental crit chance though can be got from ruby as 30% or by wizardry talent as 20% but since you may use amplify, its better to use 30% elemental crit from ruby.

Blight,blistering,high voltage, etc has no cap so having eternal versions of items with them can be good if you can intergrate them into the build. Elemental crit chance has a cap of 40% though so getting 30% out of 40% is a good idea for elemental crits.

How about ascendent??

Its up to you really. I would like to see high damaging all elements build so that’s an alright idea depending on the build.

However sometimes you may find that single element focused builds are better, though need more effort put into them and a bit of sacrificing affixes. Maybe you could try inferno and vampiric touch or frozen and permafrost for ice or even plagued and maybe druidic for poison build. It is up to you though.

For high damage boosters: momentum is very good for massive damaging multiplying with high move speed. With adventurer, this can make dmg multiply a huge amount as well.

A legend affix for damaging boosting you could use is 50% or more glasscannon , 50% or more push the limit, 50% or more barbarian.

Barbarian can halve your mp but your overall damage is increased by 50%, so basically it’s a glasscannon for mana and a good option if you don’t want to sacrifice hp but sacrifice mp while using mythics such as energy or fury.

Glasscannon, self explanatory because it increases 50% or more damage but your health is sacrifised by 50% or more.

Push the limit increases dmg by 50% or more but it makes your resource cost increased by 50% or more, making more skills being cast too expensive. If you have 50% push the limit, I believe your current resource cost is increased by 50% in the process.

For eg, if your special skill used 30% energy, with push the limit, I think that 30% goes to 45% resource coat. For mana, if you used 3000mp to cast a special skill, with push the limit increasing resource cost by 50%, that 3000 turbs into 4500 mp.

If you’re a wizard, you can try using empowered and glasscannon (great combo) because it doesn’t make your hp 1 and increases your damage up to 100%+ . If you do use empowered though, for an all elements build, ascendant would have to be used instead of prismatic. Focus is a good talent as well because it increases weapon dmg by 40%, which is huge. Your base damage will massively increase in the process, increasing overall damage.

That’s why a weapon with 100% WD and a 5000 weapon damage is generally better than a weapon with ed% on it. Ed% can be on any piece of gear such as amulet, robe, hat, ring and if you want, oh and mh weapons.

Focusing on raw damage is a big priority for things that rely on raw damage to deal much damage.

Aetherial drain is good too since im always lack in mana and reg… :smiley:
Although my priority is glasscannon coz i can get it from ruby… but still gonna have room/space for procs… im still hunting eternal cataclysm for high procs…