Mage Orb and Slow Projectile

Current mage hero systems are something rediculous.

The Orb skill is it.

Are there anybody using orb with skill level 40?
It has slow projectile -100%.
It never go ahead to enemy. But It is hard not to using level 40. Because it easy to way increaseing damages.

Someone say it’s for stationary to get more damage. HOWEVER. Already there are perfect replacement, the storm.

Storm is better than 40 level orb.

Orb cast only infront on your character. But storm can upper an enemy you’ve tagetted. And better damage stationary enemy.

Please rebalance orb skill. Remove rediculous slow projectile!

ya ididnt max orb cuz of its slow projectile upon lvling. the only advantge is more hit frequency will hit the mobs after passing and
goin back(w/ living force affix).

though i still prefer orb than since it can clear lots of mobs in area w/ reactor affix.(the arc alon is enough to burst them) unlike storm u need to place it accurately to mobs location
can be dodge by mobs w/ teleport affix.

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Not a fan of the slow projectile affix either. But if you change your tactic it’s very effective. Try using lv40 orb with Taunt and Reactor, and/or keep moving. As you run through crowds dropping orbs it clears screens.

Wow good idea.
Surely it is good strategy using taunt and static orb. But storm is better worth too

But the problem is having no option on 40 lvl orb. If there isnt good strategy, no one prefer 40 lvl orb.

Dont you think it is better using some slow projectile affix(one or two) and taunt, not in hero skill slow effect?

Again, the Problem is no choice on orb skill and i feel slow projectile as an panelty.

Ive managed to hit 120 slow projectile and orb still moves.

Storm dont stack orb does. I dunno the duration of orb but it is very strong atm. Living force helps so much. Only problem is the very small aoe and not much control. Twister is better for normal clearing.

instead of makin lvl 40 orb. u can inc dmg of orb by inc ur total dmg. try adding +10empower/+10amplify to inc dmg output.

empower and amplify is essential!
but now, 40hero skill too.

look at this. some Eternal weapon has +20 hero skill already.
it means orb skill 100% plus damage but no moving if i invest 20 orb skill point. really ridiculous.

also 40 hero skill is so acceptable setup now. especially orb has hit frequency and spell size which cant be get any affix. past day. someone who want using 40 hero skill, must use 4 item options only for heroskill when assume dont using eternal items. even eternal items, at least two affix slots needed.

now something changed.
with eternal item, not needed to invest item affix for 40 skill.

if u want to maximize orb lvl40 dmg that bad. then just use reactor set. lvl 40orb = 200% dmg inc. orb has default 200%mh dmg w/ lvl 40 orb = 600% orb dmg

orb arc dmg deals 62.5% every 0.5 sec.
that would be aroud 330%+ dmg every 0.5 sec.

my wiz uses discordance orb build w/ frozen.
im simply doin fine with lvl20. instead of adding +10orb affix. i add 2xempower+10 affix.dmg stil great stil can clear pack maps at 1800+m3 easily.

lvl40 orb is still good just rely on arc to kill mobs from reactor affix.
and rely on close range orb + arc on killing epic/legend/mythic enimes.

yes so it is a real problem.
slow projectile force all these settings! other skill dosent.
no choice for long range attacks. it needed reactor, or limit 20 lvl orb.
and didnt calculated hit frequency. 40 lvl orb hits every 0.3 sec.(in my calculation)
and did you consider a eternal pet with +20 orb? do i have not to use this pet or no invest skill point in orb + pet?

DQ’s charactor setting has many possiblity. although for higher dps there are some very limited option which use 5 set+ rune and 100%elemental damage and charactor talent (ect empower.)

However, if not going ahead orb is really good for statatic enemy. DQ can offer better system.

  1. remove -% projectile, and replace other options in hero skill orb.
  2. remake item affix slow projectile. let slow projectile variation have max 50% or 100%. and add dmg increase in proportion or increase projectile duration.

all these for better free charactor customizing!

so the description is wrong?

the default say 10 hits per second. with +40% hit frequency, it should be 14 hits per second. my 40 orb does feel like it do 42 hits per cast (3 sec duration)

hmm if i were in ur position i would use pet w/+20 orb pet and also lvl20orb hero skill.
just use reactor affix the arc alone can burst the enemies with ur 200% orb dmg arc dmg also inc then just go close combat on carto epic enemies 2-3 orb should be enough to kill them. @pookopook

also w/ wiz magnify talent should be a great w/orb skil and its arc.

i just dont have enough slot affixe to put +10orb to max mine. since i dont have eternal pet that has +20 orb and also i needed to invest some slot affixes +10empower2x

actualy orbs arc is more useful in clearing pack map than just using orb w/o reactor.

arc itself can kill mobs from wide distance b4 dey can reach u. unlike if u just use orb u need to put orb on the right direction and needed to hit mobs to kill them.

so having orb w/o using reactor affix is a joke. ul miss arc massive dps.

yeah, i have an eternal thor and brontes, it is crazy how much orbs can be active at any given time. with reactor, each orb will do 6x of arc for the orb duration of 3s. i dunno how living force interacts with the reactor, but i believe the living force extends the life of the orb for 3 more seconds and will force the reactor set to have 3 more seconds of arc. if u have freeze also, you will be freezing units from far away with those arcs. Im not sure if those mini arcs do trigger elem crits.

+10 empower is better than +10 orb for dps.
a reactor affix also essential for orb build.
Furthermore to use + aoe range(magnify etc…)make easy to clear enemy.

This is not for discuss which affix better for orb skill.
I just want to use just +40 orb going ahead and swiping enemys.
Yes. i know. we dont has only a few options for DQ’s maximize dps charactor customizing. Yours replays are right. There are many better dps options than orbs.

I m telling DQ developer to consider and patch orb hero skills. There could be better playstyle from now.

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I do feel that slow projectile orb makes the wizard a semi-close range character like the warrior which kinda sucks.

I do think that, if the devs might consider, adding orb projectile spell duration(correct me if I’m wrong if this is already implemented in the game. Don’t really read too much. Hehehe).

That by every hero point added to orb, the orb lasts longer.

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It does. Dunno the exact value.

The description is correct. However, the game will only display a limited amount of DMG numbers per second to prevent phones from crashing and stuff.

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I love stuff.