How long will mail stay in your inbox? I am thinking of keeping the eternal chest reward from PvP until I am level 99, and then open it (level 45 atm).


Wow dude, tried arena after seeing this post and got 2 eternal chests!! :joy::joy: unfortunately one chest does not have eternal item on it but a trophy…

As for the question again, afaik the mail items stays forever in there

Great, thank you. So most likely my eternal chest is just a trophy.

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Hope that it is an eternal trophy

So is it worthwhile to keep legend and eternal chests from PvP until level 99? I assume level 45 items become useless as you level up?

Open it once u are 99, on floor 400 or above to make sure the item is ilvl 100

So it will be different if I am 99, but only floor 200 rather than 400+?

Yeah bud item levels depend on ur current level and floor that you are up to

So at what floor are you garaunteed to have ilvl 100 items?

Im not sure. But i think 300+ flrs.