Main hand max dmg

So I’m asking this as a reference point for max dmg output on main hand would be?

Attack speed


100% WD

5000 WD
5000 ED

???Then I question the following???

??? Earthquake, rockblast, cosmic orb???

Multi Attack

Extra attack chance

Any advice would be appreciated.

It depends on weapon itself, since kinds of weapon deals different dmge. U can easily compare normal legend chkram and bow to see how different it is.
In terms of mythics, im not sure if it really adds dps on the equip. but if it do add then its so difficult to check since mythics got its own uniqueness.

This will be for a dagger

there is a legend called 100% ed

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I think this weapon is ragnarok( chakram?
cosmic orb i think?

well, if dps only.
+5000 weapon damage
2 extra attack (epic)
2 extra attack (mythstone)
2 muliti attack (ruby)
+45% attackspeed (crystal/ obsidian)

if dps only.

It would be better if you will only equip one +2 multi attack ant not ATTACK CHANCE and another +2 multi attack.,., cause in the arena, only +2 is possible.,., cause I tried equiping +4 multi attack., but only 2 is coming out of my weapon.,., so, just use +4 multi attack at compain only not in arena.,., ^^

Hello. Please refrain from necroposting. Look at the dates before you respond; it creates confusion by mixing answers from different patches, etc.

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sorry my bad ragnarok mh does have 100% WD lol… i was thinking of mutiny who had 100% ED