Major problem

I am currently using a rogue in dungeon quest level 99 grinding for the cataclysm ring and been hiring my wizard for support, my wizard was lvl 80 when this problem occurred, I was on floor 305 and both my characters died, on my last revive…then I was default
Eh sent back to floor 200 which wasn’t a problem but the game requested I revive my wizard for 100 gold I was like okay games gl itching but what ever I get a revive for 100 gold lol so I did it but my lvl 80 wizard went back to lvl 1 with all his stat points and equipment still on him I got proof right now he’s back at lvl 40 with equipment lvl 99… Can u please return him back to lvl 80 and his proper stats please, every time he lvls he gets skill points but I can’t even use them…

If need to be I can take a picture to show proof that this has happend.

That sounds like a gross big for sure. Can you send me a pm or an email to and we will pull down your account and have a look at it. Sorry about this issue, hopefully we can get ya fixed up!

I can do that, u will notice the ridiculous high amount of stat points for my lvl 43 wizard

What do I do it won’t let me send a pic…file to big

Try photo editing it convert it into lower quality using Pixlr Express you can download it from Play store…[emoji6]

Thank you I will try that

This is my lvl 43 wizards stats…he has the stats of a lvl 99

And this is the proof that my wizard currently has equipment on that is way over the lvl requirement.

Please get back to me soon as possible lol, I need to keep working on that cataclysm ring xD

Wipe your cache and game data if you haven’t done an upload since the incident and download your wizard.

If you wipe your cache and data BEFORE you upload you will lose progress!! Be very careful.

Forgot to mention that part :astonished:

@odysan Steiger got you fixed up. If you download now you should be good to go!

I’ll try it out thanx guys

Okay it’s not letting me do the download :S

Try now, sorry about that :smile:

It’s all fixed now :smile: thanx a lot guys for all the help

I’m about to play this game for the rest of the day grinding out for the cataclysm ring lol

Glad we could help :smile:

Remember to save some back-up maps while grinding :stuck_out_tongue: