Make arena a real time fight please

it could make the game more exciting if we play a realtime fight. . .alot of us here in the Philippines playing this game my cousins and my bros are playing this game and we want to make a tag team for the arena but theres no way to play with team hope developers can make us connect and play 2v2 or 5v5 online fight

We will see what the future holds within its palm, good sir.

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As far as I know that’s not possible because the game is designed as a single-player game. Implementing something this big is gonna take a LONG time, if the devs decide to do it at all (again, if it is even possible!!). We are talking a change way bigger than patch 2.0

Have you ever got patch 2.1? Maybe you mean a patch bigger than 2.1 patch.

No… I mean like 3.0 or even 4.0

it could be more exciting if i could fight with ma brotha @Cyclone :sweat_smile:

Good To Hear , NICE ! we want that . by the help of bluetooth or internet connections

yah man

we hope in june 1 patch ^^ haha!

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maybe they could disable the cheated item. . . and make it useless on arena :slight_smile:
even if they cheat they could be defeated too right?
lets just dont mind those cheaters and just report them. :innocent: