Making builds

i just wanna ask you co-players on how you make your own build in this game. Do you base on calculation or do you base on results? or maybe other basis?

We put notes , calculation of the affixes , know what the affixes do, compare to other affixes and sometimes try to be unique as well. Also excel can help .

Inspiration does help also but discovering what your own build does and finding ways to improve helps.

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I tend to find something I like and build around it.

I didn’t build for a long time (I’m waiting new features), but I usually use a spreadsheet. This one may looks extremely difficult to use at first glance, but it’s very useful once you get used.


right now, I just think about what I want, then go into crafting mode in the game. I really need to start using a pencil and paper. what I really need to do is test the different Legends as is, so I can learn what they do, instead of going ‘oh, that doesn’t look like it is fun to play’. :see_no_evil:


yup. spreadsheet ftw. :slight_smile:


I just wing it…

WEEEEEEEEE…! :airplane:


mine is the idea,notebook then result hahaha

I think I wing it because when I write it down, I don’t have all the resources to make it reality, so winging it makes me feel better.

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I used to do that alot and i still do to some extent but I plan a bit more for saving crystals for profit reasons. Saving crystals always helps me in the long run.

one good thing about winging it is the experience & knowledge you gain from using stuff. of course, the bad thing about winging it is all the resources you use tweaking it to do what you are dreaming of. winging it is good for the short term, but planning a build out is good for the long haul.


I was in the bathroom, usually where all good ideas come to me and I thought of a build. A vague idea of a build actually. I want to create a whirling blades rogue utilising Elements slime pet affix, specialist and mirrorcast. Has anyone created a build similarly to this? I’ll be crafting it myself over the next week or so if I have enough spare time. It’ll be interesting to say the least. Might throw mirror image in too for extra craziness although it won’t add much other than more “stuff” on the screen.

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Masochists Helm and Masamune would be 2 core items of the build but that’s literally the foundation of it. Anyone feel free to try it.

How about whirling blades and a mayhem ring

It would be interesting to see how it would work with the spell procs from mayhem but the build I have in mind won’t have anything proccing other than whirling blades periphery and possibly mirror image if I go with that offhand.

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I think there are a few people who make a build that focus’s on one attack using the affixes you listed. having 2-5 special attacks putting the fear of your amazingness in the monsters around you.
I was doing a 50% Twister proc, and when it proc’d with my Twister, lots of nice damage. the cool thing about doing a focus build like that is you only need hero points in that one weapon skill, and that one skill is buffing 2-5 attacks every time you hit a button.

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since I mentioned winging it, this is winging it today. took out Plagued (2) and added Equality (3), Demonic (3), +2 set, took out some damage affixes, added a crystal affix (deadly strike 30%) and a crit damage 75%, and +10 Amplify. I did all this because when I was climbing with my farm gear, started to slow down around floor 400-410 M3. so went over to very easy, went up to 505, then tested each difficulty level to see where I could hang out and farm for CS/MS to make Golems Ultimate Farming Build. some how, although my base damage is lower, I increased my crit damage, and doubled my chance to do deadly strike, which has Brutal Mythic pumping up the damage. yes, I spent something like 50+ million gold and around 350+ crystals, but damage went 2-8 million crit damage to 2-30 million crit damage. just happy to be back in M3. of course, I need to learn how to survive here again, but happy anyways. plus I am learning good crafting skills for when I craft GUFB. I know I will try to put 100 affixes in 42 affix slots, so I have a lot of planning to do. :confused: