Making mythical

Can u guys help me . On creating mythical and how to farm the crystals that i need to make it , and the combinations of mythstones that i put to make it to violet .

Here’s some resources that should answer those questions.

You need 4 sockets to craft a mythic. The only crystals you would need to create a mythical item are kyanite to remove affixes to make space for sockets; and zircon to add sockets. You can find epic gear that already have 4 sockets.

I meah . There’s a combination of mythstones to make it mythic . Cause i tried on epic item with four empty sockets and put the mythstones that i want to put . Butbit didnt change.

Correct. The link I provided above lists the combinations you speak of. It also shows what type of gear that mythic works upon. If you put a helmet specific mythic on a ring…it won’t work. The only mythics that can go on any gear are the ones listed at the bottom, which are called resource mythics.

Sorry im a slow learner . Im still confused on how to make it cause i want to know the specific mythstone that i need to know . Example on robe i need to know what mythstone do i need to pit to make it mythic . Im very very sorry :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

And my primary problem is the crystals that needed cause i only have 2 crytals that need to make empty sockets . And i have a robe that have 2 empty sockets on it ao if i add my crystals it can make four sockets thats why im asking before i make because its hard for me to get zircon .

Open the manual I posted earlier in thread. Scroll down to “chest” (which is the same as robe, leather, armor) and follow the mythstone list when dropping mythstones into the robe.

Which thread ? The 1st or 3rd ?

Use this manual.

Ahh okay thankyouu