Malunya never cheated but banned nonetheless

Hi I’m Luey Capa, IGN: Malunya.

I’ve been playing this game for over 2 1/2 years. Became an admin of 2 legit fb groups (Pinoy DQ players and DQ all star) squabbling against cheating in any form. Never in my mind that I would be banned. Cheaters will probably laughing their ass off because they REALLY hate me! And yes this is embarrassing!

I think I may have banned because I used multiple accounts for my purchases.

removed for players privacy - 2 slots
removed for players privacy - night blade vanity, monster boost and slots
removed for players privacy - premium stash,1 slot ( this is my friend’s account I gave him money and did the purchase in my dq account)

If you want screenshots or emails of the purchases I’ll send it to you.

Good day to you all.


Email support at with your receipts you have most likely been banned by the server if you where banned at all as no one has banned you :smile:

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Send me an email at and I will review the items with you.

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Galahad is telling me I might have been banned by the server. Ive sent a message to stiegerbox. Some of my friend has also been banned maybe due to that new scheme: same dq account same playstore thing. Ive spent lots of money supporting this game. Will it go to waste? In one of my pstore account there’s al lot of slot purchases because im giving it away to new players. I guess they’ll be banned too because of this scheme. This is so frustrating.

Speak to tdaniel through the support email you will be able to deal with all of your issues quite easily simply by communicating with him and this goes for any issues you have in DQ at any point :smile:

Thanks @Griffin012 !

I would be more than happen to review this and your purchases with you at any time.

You can reach me via DM or



yup, got the email reviewing now! I will respond via email unless you prefer I DM you on the forums.

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Either way will be fine

Probably, all those cheaters that hates us Allstars are now celebrating. Pfft.

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banning an account without concrete evidence.
where is the due process?

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The same goes for me. I hate this, you guys are banning the wrong players…very very wrong!!! I don’t know what’s happening and where you guys are basing your judgment but please explain to us why we are banned from the legit arena. Is it our fault or the systems fault. Surely the cheaters are all making fun of us even more 2 admins of Allstar in the banned league, that’s great!

P.S. don’t bother referring me to support because i’ll definitely bug him about this.


Have not got an email from you so I will just reply here.

  1. This player was banned because they used manipulatory tactics to bolster their save game data.
  2. I provided this player with a list of these items in a confidential email.
  3. I showed (and am showing) this player all the respect that should be afforded to them and not discussing this in an open format.

If you have comments you think are related to this post you can feel free to voice them here or you can respond to me directly via DM or email:

As always, thank you for playing DQ and for being part of our community.


if any player get to the top dont banned them ., sayang effort ba…

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