Manasheild and reflect dmg

Does reflect dmg/electrified effects manasheild?

no, they are two different mechanics.

if your Manashield gets hit, the enemy gets the Reflected Damage of the Manashield.

if you get hit, and you have Reflect Damage (Legend Affix), the enemy gets the Reflected Damage of the Legend Affix.

putting Hero Points into Manashield increases the DMG of Manashield +5% per Rank, and +2.5% DMG per Rank to RD if you have Reflect Damage on your Equipment.

so something like Electrified would only affect Reflect Damage.

putting WD on OH only and not MH would only affect Manashield.

if both Weapons were the same Element, and you have ED of the same Element as your Weapons somewhere on your Equipment, then both Manashield & Reflect Damage would be affected. I know that Glasscannon works like this if ED doesn’t, just in case I am wrong.

So electrified is useless with manasheild

Electrified doesn’t work with Manashield.

since Manashield also gives a damage boost to Reflect Damage, if you use Redirect Mythic with +60% Dodge & +45% or more Block with Legend Reflect Damage and Electrified, put +200% WD on MH, you could end up doing a lot of Reflect Damage.

the problem is that you really need to invest in making a Reflect Damage Build to have it do lots of Damage. it is the same as if you were making Storm or Scalp or Scattershot the focus for the damage part of your build.

basically, the Reflect Damage of Manashield only works when it actually gets hit. Legend Reflect Damage only works when you get hit, or you Dodge/Block the attack with Redirect Mythic.

one cool thing with Electrified is the 25 yard radius Reflected Damage. if you get hit by one attack, every enemy and breakable within 25 yards gets hit by the Reflect Damage. if you survive getting hit by 3 enemies at once, then all enemies within 25 yards get hit by 3x Reflected Damage! great against mobs, but not very good against a few or solo bosses.