Manashield + permafrost build - what am i missing?

my idea was to defend with manashield + mana absorb + mana regen + manashield-related talent and deal dmg with procs, the dmg part was good but why even with +60% mana absorb + barrier talent + infusion talent + mana regen + desperation i still get my manashield draining so quick that i dont see any effect of mana absorb at all (i tested it on floor 200 mythic 3)? is mana absorb activate only when i receive an actual dmg (decreased HP)? indeed when my manashield is gone and i’m started to get hit directly, my mana absorb takes its effect. so did manashield is intended to not working with mana absorb?

damn i already used sooo many of crystals to make this :sob:

it’s working fine. problem is. you lack mana. Once your mana is gone it will take your HP instead. how much mana you have?

Also, you dont have Crit chance, Crit damage, elem crit, frosbiting

i have 188460 HP & mana, is that not enough? and i have equivalence too to reduce DMG and resource cost (probably will work with how fast manashield consume mana but its not), sir i have 30% elemental crit in my chest and 100% frostbitting in my amulet, but my question is primarily on my fast-draining manashield, and like i said, i really experienced that mana absorb only takes place when manashield is gone, so is it a bug?

but from what i experienced, when my mana is gone, my manashield is disappear too, sir

that’s not enough. mob’s damage is way more than that. That’s right, it will disappear because you have no mana anymore.

-add dodge you’re not always getting struck, this will allow you to regen mana as well
-add more damage reduction
-add MP on hit
-Mana absorb cap is 40%
-Replace some Permafrost Set with Defiant and/or Pathfinder (if you will add dodge)

i have tried another build that include +1000 hp on hit and +1000 mp on hit with that amount of HP/MP, and some block/dodge but not using manashield-related build at all and i still survived very well than i used this build :tired_face: what is dmg calculation when activating manashield anyway? because my mp is draining much faster compared to my hp draining when i get hit without manashield at all

I’m not 100% sure, but from what i’ve observed damage reduction is not applicable in manashield.

if that’s the case its all make sense now :frowning: thanks for the answer, sir

Well this is not entirely correct with one of the wizards ability’s (I can’t remember which one) will allow your all resists stat too effect your mana shield but alot of damage reductions don’t apply too mana shield :cry:

it’s “infusion” sir, a “head” talent, so manashield didnt receive any bonus from armor too? that’s too bad…

Not 100% sure on the armour one but you never want too use armour on a wizard because the formulas for armour and all resists end up working out too be of the same effectiveness and the wizard can get large bonuses from the use of all resists

Oh yeah, thanks for clarifying that ^^ i’m referring to damage reduction like equivalence, defiant pathfinder. Those, again from my own experience, doesnt affect manashield’s mana consumption

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oh is see, maybe i should include faun’s gift & cerebral vortex to this build to increase resist

Yup I would definitely use cerebral it’s so good :relaxed: I don’t know about fauns though it will take a bunch more investment too use :grin: I would also suggest aetherial drain instead of plagued since your using a mana shield build and once ur onto just HP that means your probably dead anyways :smile: but before applying any of that stuff you will need too get some crystal affixes especially ones of all resists :relaxed:

question again, last night i tried using skull that have vortex bonus, it say it activates when i have min 25% resource cost equipped, i wear that say it has 50% resource cost (at full hp/mp) but why vortex bonus didn’t activate? so this bonus must use affix that explicitly say “resource cost”? like crystal or legend affix?

that’s correct. resource cost from,for example, equivalence wont activate the bonus,

Does it mean mp absorb% of permafrost doesnt apply to manashield?