Map 1020, can’t kill Legendaries

For some reason I can’t kill the last 2 legendaries I’ve spawned. (Wizard). They stay at zero health. They have things they greatly resist but with prismatic amulet I go fight other mobs until element comes up that they don’t resist and they still don’t die. Any advice on what I’m doing wrong?

Hmm, just spwaned legendary Enslaver and same thing happened. So weird! Their health drops quickly to zero and they don’t die. I tried killing him til my phone got hot.

I also lived same thing a few months ago just try one more time pass same floor if u encounter with same issue contact with support.

maps with enemy heal affics.


Yup, you’re right about the heal, even though It looked like their health was sitting at zero amd not moving. So I figured I needed more dps to counter the heal and crafted a glass cannon wand. That seems to have upped my dps enough to take them down again.

Thx for the help!

Yeah with enemy heal and not enough damage and crushing blow, even if it looks like 0HP, they still have a lot to be taken down. that’s why not only increasing DPS a lot is helpful but crushing blow or crushing flames based builds are also useful. That and avoiding enemy heal maps wherever possible/enemy leech.

Using Crushing Flames with little raw damage, u will have big problem killing big ones at high floor maps have “Enemy heal” affixe. If u do like millions of damage while they regen billions each sec…


Crushing blow FTW!!

Try frozen with crushing flames its liiitt

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Yep. Have tried it myself, its a powerful combo.


When you climb high floors you need weapon switches. Keep a stack of different weapons in your bags in case you get a tough boss


So I got the Hailfire legendary wand drop and started playing around with affixes and got lucky with a legendary IGNORE RESIST affix. Now this wand has 128% less dps than the wand I was using (!!!) but I thought I’d give it a try. I gotta say it cuts through the shrine bosses really well, even the mythics. So I’m learning it’s not always about dps.

I’ll definitely keep my other wand and I’ve started collecting different gear with different elements for when I run into something new.

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that is what makes Ignore Resist and Elemental Weaken so good. IR makes monsters resists useless, so they don’t take reduced damage from Elemental attacks. EW gives a chance to reduce the monsters resistance by the same percentage as the chance to reduce them, and if you go over 100% (200% cap) they actually take more damage. IR takes up 1 space, and with a 90% Crystal Weaken and a 30% Epic Weaken, you take up 2 spaces to have all attacks do 120% lowering of the monsters resistance. just don’t use them together, as IR makes using EW useless, and so end up being a waste of slots.


Oh wow, thanks golem. I didn’t even think about the extra slot I have now since I don’t need the weakness crystal anymore.

Maybe I’ll use it for movement speed (I wish!)

This game gets more and more interesting the more I play.

Edited to add: wait, does IR mean I can go with any elemental build I want now? Like if I want to go full crushing flames or full ice I don’t need to worry about resists? If so, this game just got REAL interesting…

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You’re right @Quewbism. You can go with any element with IR.

@Quewbism hope this helps. Ignore Resist and Elemental Weaken do the same thing. . . they help you get past monsters resistances. they just do it differently and you can’t use them together.

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When I started i just liked making builds as you learn the game. Then I wanted to try the builds of others to learn more. I wanted to climb floors. So I used the crushing flames build @CuzegSpiked. Very good hireling for a very luck and item find main character. I stopped climbing after mythic 3 1300. But crushing flames is a good idea

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In saying I stopped climbing I mean I decided to stop and do speed runs on lower floors

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Map1020 is good. But you can get anything you want at 1000. Why make life harder?

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I am currently on floor 3017 and I am having some BUGS in relation to the legendary MOBS … I have an excellent damage but they never die …

PS: They do not have regeneration of HP

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