Map affix and stat questions

If the gold/item find and luck only apply to the chest (s?), which do you mean? The affixes or the stat found in map details? If theyre different, what does the stat/affix not for the chest do?
Is the experience stat in details nerfed?

The top gold and item find only applies to the chest. The legendary affixes apply to the whole map. This includes items not just from enemies but also the ones you get from Feats, Vendor and PVP chests. You want to save those maps for special occations like accomplishing they kill a Mythic monster feat. This will increase the quality of the eternal you get and give you a better average and higher chance of Crystal Eternal.

You can use Diamonds to reroll the map affixes to maximize the Luck affix if you wish. You can also use this to invrease your chances of an eternal Map via the same method.

Could you clarify what you meant about getting eternal maps?


I keep my Eternal maps for VERY special ocassions only.

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I know they exist, I’ve had two eternal maps :wink:
What I asked was for clarification on how to get them.

Best piece of advice is to get Eternalized (5) then have the treasured ascension for a total of 550% chance to find eternal legends, including maps. Initially you have 1% chance to find eternals but with the total 550% (5.5% in reality), I believe you get 6.5% chance to find eternals on legends.

Obviously getting high luck is a priority to get any legends faster to be found but since you get legend maps from feat, luck isn’t a major issue for this.

You complete the collect 19 maps feat (25 without accomplished perk from ascension) and you have a 6.5% to find eternal maps. I find that eternal maps are more common for collect 19 maps rather than kill 75 cartographers (100 without accomplished ascension perk). Key thing here is speed farm maps everyday and keep it up until eternal legend maps drop. I already have 4 eternal maps but I spent two of them.

Eternal maps can be good for crystal feat, converting legends and buying from vendor as well as generally more legends. It’s great with the monster spawn boost from adverts for 5 mins but if you can’t get them, they are still not useless. As @Clogon said, keep them for very special occasions only is important.

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Check… using Eternalized(5), Crystaline(5) & Nadroji(5), have Treasured.

Check… got it the perk.

NICE… didn’t know the map affects the vendor. Also, Clogon mentioned it too but missed it somehow (ty both!).

I’ve had 2 eternal maps, used them last legend map run. I save a bag of legend maps and buy the 1 hr crystal boost, then plough through them.

I just thought Clogon was sharing a way to improve eternal map drops:

But ty for the advice! Clogon, were you referring to Luck improving the chances?

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