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Updated June 23, 2016

Hey all :smile:

After farming my way through lots & lots of floors, this is the method that has given me the best results. Just in the last few hours I’ve looted 2 Nadroji’s robes, 6 or 7 Nadroji necklaces & rings, 1 Vaccus Scipio, 4 Ragnaroks and 4 Insolences but it’s also good for Crystal & Eternal legends.

What’s required:

  1. Hunter Ring / ‘Enshrined’ ascension perk

Helpful but not necessary:

  1. Eternalized, Nadroji, Crystalline and Mythical set bonuses will of course help you loot better items

  2. Maximize Luck and Item Find on your main and hireling characters helps. Your hireling doesn’t need any special sets since they don’t apply when equipped to them (i.e. Nadroji, Crystallized, Mythical or Eternallized). More Luck & IF = more chance of a drop being legendary = more chances of Eternal & Crystal rares (= more Super Rare Crystals via salvaging) :blush:

  3. Dealer Ascension perk if you plan to pick up lower tier loot for gold

  4. The faster your main character can move and kill enemies the faster you’ll farm through maps

  5. The in-game $4.99 purchase that automatically reveals the map for you is quite helpful

How it works:

  1. Buy a map on the highest difficulty you can manage to kill Epic+ monsters easily on, preferably Mythic 3 if possible.

  2. ‘Convert’ the map to the closest floor that pertains to the loot you’re after. Cross reference with in-game LegendEx as needed. Note: You might need to buy and convert a few maps so that you can get as close to the minimum necessary floor number. For ex. I wanted Insolences today so I converted a map as close to level 200 as possible. The higher the floor the tougher the enemies.

  3. Open the map. After you open it go to the Shop and buy lots of maps for this floor. As many as you want. You’ll be farming it over and over.

  4. Categorize / sort your maps based on their rarity to make things more efficient. The higher rarity the map, the more & better loot you’ll obtain from the Cartographer’s chest. For this reason, I don’t usually bother killing the Cartographer (since he’s typically quite far from the starting point) unless: 1. I’m on an Epic-rarity map, or 2. My map has the Epic Enemies % affix (or both). I also delete maps with the Enemy Immune affix just in case I roll a level with the same element I’m using. It interrupts the tempo of your farming to switch out gear / change your weapon element / etc. when this happens in my opinion :smile:

  5. Now for the main enchilada. :burrito: Once you open one of your maps, quickly hunt for the shrines and pool. Activate them and kill the Epic monsters that appear. The shrines are almost always next to you // south east (below and to the right) of where you spawn at. Once again, the map reveal optional purchase helps navigate you. Activate at least 2 out of 3 of the shrines before you move on to the next map, but it’s usually less efficient to look for every shrine + the Cartographer on every floor. Sometimes the 3rd shrine can be farther away, which just prolongs things. Each map should only take about 20-60 seconds to do this on.

That’s all there is to it! Within an hour you’ll have completed dozens of maps and killed hundreds of Epic enemies, likely looting you heaps of good drops. As an added bonus, you’ll quickly complete the feats to spawn Legend and Mythic monsters, netting you more good stuff.

Hope this all helps! Love you guys <3

Additional Map Info:

From what I understand, these stats only apply to the Cartographer’s chest, hence the higher rarity map you’re farming, the more likely you should kill the Cartographer.

Thanks @Stryder and @Clogon !


For shrines they are most of the time on the right side of map in open areas or the end of corridor. That’s the best way fpr finding legendary rare items.

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also put nadroji, item drop and luck


I’m new to the forums, but I’ve been a long-time creeper! :smiley:

Does it matter if it’s a rare yellow map, or just magic blue map? Is there any “desired” preference?

Higher rarity map have more affixes mostly bad but there are some good affixes on the maps too. For example pack size, more rare/magic/epic enemies.

Yeah I’ve also noticed that with Epic and Legend maps I get a lot more loot from the cartographer chest than blue or yellow maps

Higher rarity maps have better luck and item drop then those of lower rarity so they will drop more.

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I have seen a couple lower level maps, (blue) out item/rare/exp% higher rare maps.

So there’s, blue, yellow, orange, red;

I’ve heard of green maps too?? Where do those come from?

Edit: Is there anyway to remove a socketed gem from an item?

Can you craft the set, Cerebral Vortex?

I think the base chance of getting eternal (green items) is 1%, but item must be legendary first (red). The same with maps. Green maps are the same as red but their affixes are 2x higher. You will eventually loot green map, it will be faster with Eternalized set and/or treasured ascension perk.

There is a crystal to remove mythstone from socket (you don’t loose removed remove mythstone with that) and it’s called garnet (top right on ss):

Unfortunately you can’t craft Cerebral Vortex. It’s from drop only, wizard exclusive post floor 600.

Thanks for the replies @Msiiek! I probably should have started my own thread, but since @JesusSaves has created this farming thread it does pertain to farming! :wink:

So the cartographers chest has an increased drops from the map quality% correct? @JesusSaves

Does using the Garnet crystal destroy the item? Or only just un-socket the mythstone?

Is there a range requirement for exp/drops If my hireling or dots kill a mob off-screen? I noticed that my ricochet hireling kills mobs offscreen, am I still getting exp?

When you say (Wizard) exclusive, or any exclusive item for that matter does that mean my main or hireling HAS to be the class? Do you get more class specific if you main, or have the class as a hireling?

Map stats (not affixes) only apply to cartographer chest I think but I’m not sure.

Using a garnet will remove mythstone (not destroy) and leave an empty socket in the item.

I think there is no range requirement to get exp/loot.

Class exclusive items can drop for other class but the chance is very small. Best is to farm with the class you want item for.

If you have wizard on hireling for example he will get wizard items.

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Not working for me. Epic enemies only give yellow and blue drops. Alot of epics coming out. I gkt some legends but it’s all useless legends. No sign of Narodji Necklace from floor 100-150. So unlucky I guess. I’m having a headache already. Sigh :cry:

You’re doing better now right Arik? :slight_smile:

Updated post!

I have problems with dropping nadroji I’m in floor 200 mythic 3 difficult and play lots of time and money drop my luck of drop around 200 percent most of my gears good and have luck + furtune

Interesting thread.

Nadroji Ring and Necklace drop from Epic+ monsters in addition to having to be on the higher Difficulty settings, I think Epic or better. so if you are not seeing a lot of Epic+ monsters, it might take some time before you get those. Hunter Shrine, Hunter Mythic or Perk, finishing Monsters defeated Perks, Challenge Maps with Epic+ affix, killing Cartographer and Enslavers (they are Epic+ monsters) plus high Luck will improve your chances for getting Nadroji items.