Map Floor Bug.... -_-

Bug on Ios A annoying one im on ios 10
now but when i download my save and like played with it and god some map i got this S***

PS. Im gonna Sleep now… I just posted early soo someone can help me with this Problem -_-

Ummmm that’s crazy never seen this bug have you tried buying anoth map dose it do them same level

That’s ridiculously high map floor. Normal mobs might be as tough or even tougher than mythic monsters in 1000+ floors.

100,000 floor thats a tough one

:’( help me Guys Its never leave if i buy a map and then use convert its will go up 100000
i cant play maps anymore try reinstalling it and download my save again -_- nothing

contact support

:’( even now i have the 9 dps OHM for rouge tsk

yes its does have the same level :’( 100k everytime tsk

Wow sorry to hear that hope you can get it fix soon

The best that you can do is start climbing again normally from map floor 200. Store maps on level you want like 350, 500, 1000.

Thats what im doing right now.

you can do it mate

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Thanks For the Support Dude…

just dont convert any map to avpid the bug while the devs did not fix your problem

Have you opened the map to floor 100k??? If you did I think the devs, if they can somehow fix this, could only get your CONVERT MAP run normally. But still your max floor would be floor 100k.

i literally dont know how to fix this yeah of i convert a map it will go to a random number but it can only go 100k
maybe its the server sides problem when i downloaded the save? to my other iphone6?

maybe it got randomize at cloud server? this is just a guess

i dont know ether maybe

if you maybe get to modify the map level somehow, than you can make a 100k level map. then open it, and thats your level cap. it’ll convert to that aint it?