Map Legends

It would be more interesting to see maps layout with several different legends


This symbol means a buff; like more experience, more lucky, more items.etc; each color coded in their own shrine color.

This will indicate where the hp/mp heal is; hopefully there will be more than 1 per map in the future.

The blue spot displays Magic monsters; and the red displays the elite monsters. You can also add orange for boss monsters like Cartographer & Engraver (I think that’s the boss name? lol)

This will help all players; those that want to grind for exp before killing bosses; run to an experience shrine & start killing; or hunting boss/elite after finding that Lucky/More Items buff shrine.

This will greatly benefit players that (auto) map reveal.

Things like this have been suggested many times before, and are being considered I believe.

I look forward to legends appearing on the map but I guess I just read this topic wrong. XD