Map reward bonus

Just wondering how these percentages are calculated…

I’ve gotten some epic maps with 300% item quantity, and then some massive ones such as this with a whopping 1400%.

Will map reward bonuses be fixed in the future when you either add or reroll affixes? They currently dont change, even when you started off with a normal quality map with one affix.

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No comments?

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This has been brought up many times in this forum (#1 Rule dont make a thread without searching).

I dont got any explicit references handy, but here’s the general gist: Yes, the devs are aware of this bug, and yes this problem is being rectified as I respond

Have you used the thread search feature on these forums? I just started playing this game, so I have questions that I’m sure have been answered already. However, when I input any number of different strings of text, I cannot perform the search because the words are too common. Almost all forums get around this by allowing quotes to be put around discrete verbiage to allow a specific search; I haven’t been able to accomplish that here, even using the advanced search feature.