Map suggestion

Was thinkin maybe a Red Dot on the mini map for when a legendary item drops… im moving threw the floors alot faster now and i find my self waiting on loot to finish coming from the chests,imps,bosses… so i dont usually pick anything up unless its in my way when im running but by the time stuff dies im already on the other side of the map… with that said just a suggestion Red dots on the map were legendary items drop similar to the Diablo 3 stars on minimap.

Yeah, that’s for sure missing. I’m sure Shiny already have some ideas about that part. It’d make legendary farming easier or general farming. Like you said, I don’t want to know how many legendaries I missed because, E.g, my warrior’s bleeding dmg killed creeps while I already was on the other side of the map.

I’ve already made this suggestion, but I don’t think I got a feedback from Steiger, that’s a necessary thing for sure

That’s a good idea. In 1.5 we did improve the legend effect on the ground so it stands out more, but a map indication would be great too.

Probleme is legend effect have red halo like health orbs… and on fire map it’s even worse lol

may bad i didnt wana grave digg and i didnt bother to read all of the suggestions… but as for some of the Vanity items Demonic Glow ona red map… cant realy see it but the demonic glow is AWSOME for the maps that are like pitch black… i have such a hard time finding chests in the dark maps not the gold chests the regular ones…

Can we also get a dot for the enslavers plz?! Also its just my opinion but I think map %'s need to increase as you increase in floors…otherwise…why do it?