Marksman Build

Suggestions for my build

suggest adjustments please for my build i still doubt about my build

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you have Flintlock twice and are missing Pet and Amulet.

are you dying a lot or not doing enough damage?

Crushing Flames isn’t going to work without Immolation, which is the Elemental Critical for Fire Element.

if you don’t have Epiphany Set, you have too much Attack Speed and Deadly Strike.

if you only have +10% Critical Chance, only 6% of your attacks are going to be Deadly Strikes.

without any Critical Damage, your Deadly Strikes are only doing 3x damage (150% Crit damage x 2)

Brutal would be a better Mythic than Sureshot Mythic. if you are using Ricochet to do most of your damage, Skilled Mythic would be even better.

thanks my amulet and pet are still epic

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well, until you get a better Pet & Amulet, they’re still an important part of your Build.

I make Epic and mostly Epic affix Builds every once in awhile to test myself and try out new ideas on a cheap build before spending my Ultra Rare Crystals.

I’ve even used all Epic and mostly Epic affix Builds in PVP up in the Eternal League. Eternal Division 5 is the highest I’ve gotten with any kind of Build, including all Epic affixes.