Masochism + Hp regen + Enemy Thorn = Death

For some reason my hero sometimes die from enemy thorns. My hp bar is constantly blinking from both Masochism and high Hp regeneration over my total hp. I think its when Masochism triggers hp lost at the same time with Thorn dmg. Not sure if this is a bug or it should be as it is. Pls test and fix if it does. For now I’ll probably force to switch Set affixes.

I looked at Thorns, Masochism, and HP Regeneration in the Codex. thorns is like a reflection/crushing blow combination for monsters. 10% of your current HP every time you hit the monster when thorns is in effect. Masochism, if your HP over 50%, healing effects damage you. is regeneration considered a healing effect? if so, then that is harming you until you go below 50% HP. if you have high attack speed, or hit the monster with something like Twister, that hits every .25 seconds, you could be harming yourself faster than you can heal when you go up against monsters with Thorns. you might want to wait to hit those monsters when thorns go passive. also, if you have high HP, then that 10% HP loss from thorns from every time you hit the monster, means you losing a lot of HP. might want to see if your regeneration is high enough to keep you alive when you go below 50% HP.

You wont die with thorns alone right? Leaving you with 1hp. Sometimes i dont die with thorns, burt most of the time i die when i kill mobs/boss upon appearing.

I got 300+ hp due to glasscanon 95% and 500+ regen from STR. Bcuz of that my hp bar is constantrly blinking. While it does, it shows me red dmg number from Masochism and green numbers from the healing but not in a arrange manner due to how fast the dmg/heals are.

So this is what I think. When I reach 1% hp due to thorns, simultaneously with the dmg red numbers, I die. Because i know you wont die from thorns alone. Even crushing blow alone wont kill an enemy.

true, thorns alone wont kill you, but if you hit the monster fast enough, it can lower your HP to the point where when the monster hits you normally, dead.
I use HP on hit, and I have +2 multi attack and +4 attack chance. I wonder it each hit from these is a 10% HP loss and heal from the HP on hit. did some crafting, and lowered my HP on hit, so my HP bar goes crazy and makes me very nervous.
I just remembered that regeneration is every second, and if you are hitting 1+ times every second, so there might be a gap there too. with resistance and armor, you can handle a bigger hit, but with such low numbers, if the monster gets a good hit on you, and the higher tier monsters do a lot more damage, and you don’t dodge/block. dead. and I think monsters can crit too. I wonder if the damage from thorns can come back at you as a crit? even if it doesn’t, and the monster does a big damage hit on you when your HP is low from thorns, that could be the answer.

But I didnt get hit. And i played at flr900+ so everyone can 1 hit me. I thought at first it was a random hurricane or ice spike, but it wasnt. I observed it carefully, and i really died from thorn dmg. No more problems now cuz i switch to demonic and pathfinder.

I got this bug long time ago, I had hard times figuring what was instakilling me


glad you were able to work around the thorny issue. I am still discovering new ways to die by Thorns, and how to not die that way, lol.

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