Masochism + mp absorb/reflect damage

Does mp absorb/reflect damage work with masochism?

Could someone help me?

as long as you don’t use Blood Magic.

MP Absorb reduces a % of Damage and turns it into MP. the Damage reduction is done before AR & Resist. not good for higher floors. should be good for Farm Builds, but depends on the Crafting to how well it will work on floors up to 500-510 and the difficulty level.

with Reflect Damage (Legend - Red) you get more survival with MP Absorb. but since you have to get hit, not good for higher floors. Redirect Mythic allows you to use Dodge & Block to Reflect Damage without getting hit.

Masochism affects HP, so MP Absorb wouldn’t affect it unless you were using Harmony Mythic, Alchemy Mythic, or Equivalence Mythic (using this with Masochism not a good idea).

Hunger Set works like Masochism, but affects MP instead of HP. MP Absorb might work with this, but when you get to a floor where monsters are doing enough damage without you dying, your MP would be too low or high from the large amounts of damage being turned into MP making your MP go up an down.

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So masochism damage doesn’t count as a hit, right?

Masochism increases DMG 7.5% per Rank when HP is below 75%. all Healing lowers HP when it is above 50%.

DMG from Masochism doesn’t show up on your Stat Page until your Health goes under 75%.

the DMG from Masochism is the same no matter what your Health is, unless it goes 75% or higher, so most players pair Masochism with Defiant. Defiant gives +25% DMG and Damage Resistance, with another +5% per Rank DMG and Damage Resistance of your Current Health %. with Masochism keeping your HP around 50%, you get +37.5% DMG from Masochism (5), and an average of +37.5% DMG from Defiant (5). when your Health spikes up, less DMG from Defiant, but when it spikes down, even more DMG. Health Orbs can spike either way depending on if your Health is over or under 50%, and fighting a monster with Thorns can get you down to 10% HP (same with surviving with Sanctuary) for a short moment to do +49.5% DMG with Defiant (5) for a few hits until your Healing raises your Health up to 50%. usually, a monster with Thorns will keep your HP around 10% until it is dead, unless you have really good Healing, which would keep your Health a little higher.

My idea was electrified + masochism

Block, Dodge, and Redirect with Electrified. Masochism really is only worth it if you are using Defiant. you have to make sure you have enough HP so that you don’t kill yourself with your own healing.

my next test for a Reflect Damage Build is to use Epiphany to get Block & Dodge +75% each for Wizard, and a Perma Stealth Reflect DMG Build for a Rogue. and a 100% Block Reflect DMG Build for a Warrior. been thinking of going Electrified (8) for +400% Reflect DMG. one crazy build. lol.

I thought that masochism dmg would active electrified and deal huge damage

Electrified gives +50% DMG per Rank to Reflect DMG and gives Reflect DMG a 25 yard radius centered on the Character. and a +5% per Rank to Paralyze.

the +DMG% from Masochism would increase the damage of Reflect DMG. Healing that lowers your HP because of Masochism doesn’t activate Reflect DMG. Masochism isn’t an attack by an enemy.

(((MH WD + Reflect DMG%) + Electrified DMG%) + Masochism DMG%) = :boom:.

hope I did the equation correctly.

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