Masochism Warrior

So i recently got an eternal masochism axe with pretty good stats but i had no actual use for it. Now i was that lucky to get another masochism part and im really thinking to make a warrior build using masochism. Any ideas how i could get the best synergy using these two parts?

And yes the helmet is still for rog but i have no jasper right now to convert.

Nobody an idea? Seems like masochism not that good. Manausage gets extremely high and blood magic would be kinda suicide.

I dont know any mythic items that can go with masocisn but might i suggest the item/legend equality… It can have as high as 1000 regen :wink::wink:

What i got was a ring srry… The items name is poise

Yea i thought about equiality. Its pretty much the only thing to get enough mana. The costs is extreme high otherwise. The problem with it is that equality often has hp regeneration and i get dmg until im at 50%. Masochism is pretty much a glascanon affix.

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Oh yeah hahaha… Havent thought that through haha …not mAny use masocism now cuz it can kill u… Unlike b4… My trick is that i remove the masocism affix and leave the push the limit affix. And make it a mythic gear.

This was fixed in the current patch.

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Oh better update then