Mass convert crystal mythstone


Gotta be an easier way to select large amounts of crystals to convert to crystals and mythstones.

With thousands to convert, its very tedious tapping hundreds, thousands of times, just one type, let alone many. :confused: lol




Im not sure what you mean… Like the items into crystals? Or crystals into other crystals. Tap back on that button and convert the entire stack.


Yea. I know bout tapping back to get max convert, but anything other then can be a chore. Ty :slight_smile:

Even more of a pain on the shield. Lol


It’s part of the money system. Which is actually very smart. Ever heard the story of how Chess with its 64 squares was created? Look it up. Cheers, :sunglasses:


Hey, i don’t mind paying for a good game. But you have to be smart about it.


Lol. Thanks. :wink:


Just be glad its only 25 squares and not 64. Lol. Even so I think DQ could be a little more generous of the top tier crystals. Just saying…


Lol. All’s good


sir… yor kraken build have 36m HP in PVE am i right and in arena it becomes 1m HP…




i have a build also but not like your build i use other set affixes and i get 30+m HP in PVE, but when i go in arena it becomes 400k+ only not like yours it become 1m, why?


just see in your email i send you a picture…