Mastering The Deadly Arts

it isn’t easy using Deadly Arts Set to reset your Cool Downs to 0. with Critical Hit Chance +60%, Deadly Strike +60%, and Deadly Arts (5), you get a Cool Down chance that looks like this.

100 hits > 60 Critical Hits > 36 Deadly Strikes > 1.8 Reset Cool Downs on average (5% of Deadly Strikes).

for comparison, Explosion Legend Affix is 5% chance for Explosion.

100 hits > 5 Explosions on average.

I ended up using Twister 40 with Cool Down +60% and Magnify 20 for the middle part of testing. I find that larger groups of enemies give a better chance to get the Reset. my goal is to have the Reset chance get up to around 20% to 25% a second, which means lots of hits, or a really good DPS Build.

basically, anything that can cause Deadly Strike can be used, even Bleed, Fire, & Poison DoT.

doing the math, with Epiphany (5) and Deadly Arts (5), with Deadly Strike & Crit Chance both +75%, the Reset only goes up to 2.8% chance.

haha, I really want to make a good Deadly Arts Build, but I might run out of Crystals for this one just doing the testing.

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