Max & Cap - How to see clearly?

Hello everyone! I’m still at my beginning with build creation and I think I am currently losing a lot of precious crystals, time and energy due to the fact that I don’t know where the capping is stopping my bonuses.


  • I have a wizard with two +10k HP crystals but the wizard still show as 12k HP… why?
  • I am also using a lot +elemental DMG and a lot of +%elemental DMG and I am not sure if all these guys are really serving me…

Same thing with my Fortune character, where to stop +luck, +gold, +find items?

Any hints / general rules of applications / comments or recommendations?

Your help is precious, as always guys. Many thanks on advance!

Are you using something like empower or so that makes ur hp 12k despite 2 10k hp affixes?

maybe you have an affix like glasscannon or a talent on your gear named empower(which appears as a dark bluish text) as @CuzegSpiked mentioned. If you see neither of them on your gear or your pet, do you play arena? Did you look at your stats while you were in the battle arena?

also, it’s completely fine to have as much ed+ and ed% on your gear as long as they all are of the same element(except ofc if your build utilizes more than one element, then use them as you see fit).

for your farming, refer to this guide so you get a good idea on how it’s (more or less) utilized :smile:

You guys are correct. I have empowered, thanks, it answer a part of the question.

Based on your answers, my understanding is that there are no easy way of getting a clear view on the stat capping other than taking them all separately, reading on them or with trial an errors?

Thanks for your help guys

Another example is Fortune: on one side it is @45 while it’s written 25 on the stat page. I am confused!
I am using 20 +Fortune for nothing? If yes I should use these space with something else.


The Fortune (as well as Strength, etc.) in All Stats shows the bonus from your gear, not the actual points put into the stat.