Max luck change?

Why my max luck cap at 1067 I have 2 crtsal affix luck = 500 and have all luck in gear +hireling luck + epiphany(8) someone said the cap for luck is 1200 when having epihany(8) why mine was 1067 I have all luck I need to 1200 but stats doesn’t show only 1067.

Can somebody explain I’m trying to make farming build.

Try change nature to luck maybe… or read this carefully… Step by Step guide to maxing farming stats


Actually max capped using ephifany(8)was 1110% try adding luck affix to ur main or hireling if there will be some changes.,mine was ephi(8)to my main and (6)to my hire and i have this


Are you playing Solo or with hireling?

Obsidian luck affix cannot be >225% therefore 225%x2 = 450%

Fortunate Ascension adds 200% luck.

Formula: ((Main + Hireling) / 2) + Fortunate Ascension + Store Boost + Map Difficulty

Default cap for Luck is 650% + 200% with fortunate Ascension = 850%.

Epiphany (8) will increase stat caps by 5%/ rank (5%x8) or 40% --> (650%x1.4) + 200% Fortunate = 1110% Luck


Yup YVRA correct I did try adding some luck on my hireling ng it did inc my luck to 1110 thank you guys. It seems that there a cap luck for each character.

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Enjoy farming bro.,and adding to that would 7 mind getting a tip from ALLSTARS and FAMILIA ELITE?used only a map with high xp,luck and golddrops and packsized of atleast 130-150 and magic enemy rarity.,forget xp gain if ur already full ascend.hope we could help.:grin:

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Magic rarity of 150-200% i mean.