Maximum gold find

Is it possible too put the crystal affix of gold find and the epic affix of gold find on 1 price of gear for a possible 1800%+ pet gold find or are we limited too 1500%+ pet?

On 1 piece of an equip you can’t stack it. But you can put on different parts of your equip

You can’t have 225 Gold find(Crystal affix) on your head piece and 75 Gold find (Epic) on your head piece as well.

You can have 225 gold find on your head piece and 75 gold find on your armor.

Max gold find is 650.

Really only 650 that sucks

Are you sure that’s the case cause I do remember a 650 cap in the past but currently there is no listed cap for gold find

As Far as I know and I look aroud. Clogon is a DQ testing admin and this is one of his post on someone asking about the best way to farm.

As Emman said, GF has been capped at 650% since forever and nothing have changed. Why did you ask a question when you already knew the answer anyway?

There used too be a listed cap in game before you reached cap but with the change too the gold find balance a while ago I figured they had changed it

My gold cap sais 650% [650], so its safe to assume that its still 650. for best results I found that the best way to farm gold is any map with large% of pack size and a map with a large room.

it is still the cap. with Fortunate Perk, that can get you up to +850% (+200% over Cap). and with Epiphany Set, you can get the 650% part of the Cap increased 5% per rank. so Epiphany (5) you can increase the cap of Gold Find 25%. with all of this, you could get your Gold Find up to +1012%, higher if you do Epiphany (6-8).