Maxing eternal and crystal item drops


I find that once you equip a legend item then the eternal and crystal versions are more prevalent, especially if you have chosen the treasured perk


Interesting theory… hmm


Yep. Definitely quite the interesting theory but I think it’s just RNG being very very nice. I’d think crystal legends are harder than Eternals since not every legend can be crystal even at same % chance but it’s interesting that you seem to have more crystal legends than Eternals found.

Although Eternals are just as rare, sometimes a little rarer but anything can be eternal. Well crystal legends are very nice for saving crystals though for sure :slight_smile: .


I think probabilities on this game are weight based.


Absolutely … no denying that. But you cant have stone of jordans dropping at the same rate as isenharts… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


“Stone of Jordans” :joy:




I found a legend nadrobi ring. The same day I dropped the eternal. The day after a crystal. After I equipped the better versions the drops stopped. To test my theory is unlocked a fable staff in codex. Dropped another late last night ( same day ) . It was another legend.I’m carrying them in my main bags and buying random staffs at the vendors. Fingers crossed lol


Lol. Good luck. Keep us posted


Will do :slight_smile:Got an unreal hood in my bag too. Please let me get a better one


Yes. Nadroji spelled backwards is iJordan


Hahaha… how subtle


Yep. @TeaCup told me since his name is Jordan irl . So subtle yet clever .


I remember dropping my first Jordan on normal mephisto :slight_smile:


My first was from a carver in the catacombs on the way down to andariel. Nightmare mode. :slight_smile:


Update on my theory. Dropped two legend fable l staffs and two legend unreal hoods last night. I’ve maxed their levels to 100 to see if the eternal drop. Oh and I’ve just found a nadrojob amulet … lol :sweat_smile:So I’m keeping in my character stash to see if I can find more


Played D2 for a decade lol




Update… My theory works but now my bags are full of legend fabled and unreaL items :cry::cry: