May I share a thought provoking tv moment with you

Derren Brown is a British illusionist , mentalist and all together a mind disturber. When I first saw “The Game Show” experiment I was blown away. The basic idea is that a studio audience with their identities hidden by masks can use remote controls to determine if some poor inspecting person being secretly filmed and surrounded by secret actors to vote for good or nice things to happen. The true nature of the experiment was to test how people as a mass can or cannot become cruel. Watch it @Golem and tell me what you thin K love it because Darren Brown always breaks taboos disguised as entertainment. But his purpose was never to entertain :sunglasses:


The audience are let of the hook at the end and are debriefed . In a strange and very dark way they will become very better people. Darren Brown’s genius stroke. But the faces of the audience at the end tell a story. The idea behind the experiment was to determine how an ordinary person could be controlled to do evil things in a safe environment. It shocked every one who watched it.
Every thing he does is controversial. We need it. in the UK we have children going on school strikes for the climate. We need it. What s left ? To just accept downfall.


I am not sure I could watch such a disturbing show. but people watching the show being shocked at the results made me think.

the average person considers the average person to be basically good. so of course it would be shocking to the average person to see how easy it is for the average person to do basically bad behavior. for it invites the thought, if it is so easy for the average person to be basically bad, wouldn’t that mean that it’s difficult for the average person to be basically good? shocking indeed!

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As experiments go its controversial but it was retesting a finding by a psychologist called Milgram who after the war posed the question " Could the holocaust happen again? " . He got people to deliver shocks to secret actors for getting wrong answers in a general knowledge quiz. The more wrong answers given the higher the shock voltage. People where giving shocks to what appeared as corpses. Darren Brown’s genius is that he was last extreme . But yes disturbing.

But may I share something less disturbing thing he did but very was inspiring when he got a girl to give a piano recital without being able to play the piano and not being allowed to practice on the piano. I know how he does stuff. It’s all a strange mix of psychology, subliminal suggestion, slight of hand, distraction ,hypnosis,science, maths and trickery. Enjoy the video @Golem and @NUIQUE At the end he explains to her that she’s been playing piano all her life since she was seven . But she stopped enjoying it. So he decided to give her an impossible challenge by not letting her practice and to forget piano playing to make her that seven year old again. And rediscovering how good she was. And one more And one more where he plays a load of world class chess players at once and wins overall. Then when he explains how it’s so simple basic maths :thinking:

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the dark side of life is always difficult to deal with, and even harder when the darkness impacts us personally.

going the other way, many people have been deeply hurt by the pains life can bring, and it can take a lot of encouragement & support, or even some kind of shake up in our life, to bring some healing. as long as there is someone who cares or who wants to make a difference, then there will be at least one person getting some help that they need.

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Another share as I’ve not watched the rest of the episode yet. Check out the first five minutes @Golem He asks someone to think of a tune and guesses it in a dramatic way and gives away how he did it. So absurdly simple lol and suddenly darkness ascends again.

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