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Fui fazer o download da minha conta em outro dispositivo e apareceu isso, oque fazer ?

there was a loophole in the programming of Dungeon Quest that was exploited by some players. the Developers fixed this problem by having players wait 3 hours to download the game if they do it more than once in a short space of time. this was done in Patch 3.0 update. if you do a search on wait , waiting, 3 hours, Patch 3.0, you will find some posts about this that will help you understand why this was done.
wait for 2 hours and then try again. if you can’t access your account on the new device, wait for 1 more hour, try again, and if it continues to not download, then send in a report to the support thread.


@Golem Obrigado! aproveitando, fiquei sabendo algo sobre liga proibida … como funciona é para os melhores ?

in the Battle Arena, if a player has cheated or hacked their equipment for their characters, and another player reports them, the Developers put them into the Cheaters Battle Arena. there are some players who are there while the Developers examine their account to see if they have cheated. if they have not cheated, then they are put back into the Battle Arena. if they have cheated, then they can fight other cheaters in the Cheaters Battle Arena. cheaters are usually discovered by other players seeing that they have crafted their Eternal item in a way that is not allowed in the game. that post I shared with you that explains how an Eternal item can be crafted is how other players can find cheaters. Example: if someone uses an Eternal Nadroji Ring in the Arena, and it has a Legend +30% Movement Speed affix, that is cheating, because you can’t change affixes on most of the Eternal items, and if the Legend Nadroji Ring does not have Legend +15% Movement Speed, it can not have +30% Movement Speed if it is Eternal. players can not be stopped using cheat codes in the Campaign part of Dungeon Quest (the offline part of the game), but they can be punished by the Developers if they modify their Eternal items using cheat codes in the online part of Dungeon Quest (Battle Arena).


Obrigado mais uma vez! excelente explicação.

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